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/ February 15, 2012
Linsanity Continues And Other Sports News This Week

Linsanity is the sports meme that won’t stop. And why should it stop? It’s extraordinarily refreshing to take a break from talking about Lebron James, Dirk Nowitzki or Kobe Bryant and talk about something new. Plus– it’s not like Knicks fans have anything else to talk about. That being said, the news stories to come out of Jeremy Lin’s rise to fame are getting a tad ridiculous. Since the beginning of the Knicks recent five-game winning streak, all of these news stories have broken:

The world is Linsane. Here’s some other news that is, shockingly enough, not about Jeremy Lin:

In NYU News…

That’s all for now. Maybe next week some high-profile NBA player will release a sex tape and the world won’t be so Linsatiable.

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