NYU Memes Hit Facebook, Students Lose Sleep

on 7 February, 2012

Last night, our Facebook timelines were flooded by a wave of memes posted to a page called “NYU Memes.” Initially, these image macros were a welcome distraction from looming homework assignments: they were just funny enough to keep us reading, and they provided a comforting feeling of community and togetherness.

That said, the page quickly spiralled out of control. Students posted hundreds of memes, and only a select few were in the least bit funny. As we attempted to sort through the outpour of content, we wished that the memes were hosted on Reddit where the bad content would have been quickly down voted into oblivion. Since that wasn’t the case, we’ve decided to save you from the giant time-suck that is NYU Memes by picking out the diamonds in the rough.

[NYU Memes]