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/ January 31, 2012
Tuesday Track: “wen uuu” By Shlohmo

With the stress of the semester ahead now deposited squarely on your shoulders, we thought it’d be nice to offer a relaxing little treat — after all, it’s not like you just spent a month relaxing. This weeks’ chillness comes courtesy of L.A. native Shlohmo, whose name alludes as much to his laid-back aesthetic (“slow-mo”) as it does to his adorable Jewishness.

This week’s Tuesday Track, “wen uuu,” is the lead single from Shlohmo’s upcoming Vacation EP, which drops February 7. The track, along with the other two songs that make up his new EP, finds the producer tinkering with noises and emotional states familiar to fans who heard his debut album Bad Vibes.

Trickling drops of water, alienlike vocal samples, low-impact kicks, rimshots and hi-hats coalesce into the mopey-but-lovely headiness Shlohmo finessed in his first full-length. As the golden boy of the L.A. beat scene fostered by Flying Lotus and his compatriots at the club Low End Theory, Shlohmo has talent enough to craft a sound distinctly his own: a bass-driven melancholia suitable for an after-class spliff or a heartfelt cry session.

Shlohmo’s work is still intimately connected to the West Coast; the psychedelic nature of his beats recalls everyone from Dilla down and he releases his music with L.A.-based labels which are affiliated with Low End Theory. He also often tours with other L.A. artists, but the 22-year-old producer has recently flown the coop and headed to the greener pastures of New York City. In the fall he moved from San Francisco to the East Village (where he lives with an NYU student), so don’t be surprised if you run into this kid at Westway, where he occasionally DJs.

However, if you like the sound of Shlohmo’s music, don’t bother with his sets at Westway. As he told CMJ last summer, he loves Drake, and he especially loves energizing his sets with Drake’s music for club crowds. Even at the shows he headlines, Shlohmo is wont to ditch his own sound for Drizzy’s (get it? “Headlines”!), but rest assured that the Vacation EP is as languid, as navel-gazing and as beautiful as ever. No disrespect to Drake.