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/ December 8, 2011
Best of Netflix Instant Watch: Laughing Through Finals Hell

Finals Week is approaching fast and Bobst is filling up faster by the minute. Finals are nothing to stress yourself out over, especially if you try to study a little bit in advance. Considering NYU is mostly filled up with a bunch of procrastinators, most of you will wait until last minute to study for a test or edit an essay.

In between studying though, take a break or two and watch a relaxing movie that you know will make you laugh. Don’t let finals get your spirit down. Always remember, Lady Gaga’s mom said, “we’re all born superstars.” You’re a superstar no matter what grade you get on that essay. We hope your teachers will pull an Oprah and just give out A’s to the whole class: “You get an A, You get an A, You get an A.” In any circumstance, good luck to everyone on their finals.

Maid in Manhattan: Let us just take a moment to appreciate the comedic beauty that Jennifer Lopez offers us through her acting. Jennifer Lopez is by no means funny. Instead, her poor acting, oversized buttocks, and job as a maid make this Latino give a funny performance. This movie is just flawless. And by “movie,” I mean J. Lo’s “butt” is flawless. Move over Kim Kardashian.

Tangled: For all our Disney lovers out there who are feeling a little lonely on these cold December nights, take a sip of your hot chocolate, lie down on your warm, uncomfortable bed, and watch this movie to relieve any stress. Disney’s first movies were beautifully animated and scripted. However, now Disney won’t stop creating movies about what it’s like to be a teenage girl. Thank God that Disney recently released gems again such as Tangled and The Muppets.

Cheetah Girls Trilogy: All three Cheetah Girls movies are on Intstant Watch. Although the movies got progressively worse as they went on, these movies are too good to not watch. They were not Oscar-worthy by any means possible; however, the soundtracks and storylines just make the film funny and worth watching. Besides, who doesn’t love watching movies of Raven pre-weight loss? If you’re gay, you’ll love these movies. If you’re a girl, you’ll love these movies. If you’re straight, I’m sorry, but I can’t help you this time.

The Romantics: Katie Holmes, Anna Paquin, Josh Duhamel, Dianna Agron and many others star in this 2010 film about love. With so many famous actors in it, you would think that it would be publicized just as much as New Year’s Eve. But maybe nobody loved this movie because everyone was annoyed with watching Katie Holmes play essentially the same role in every movie. But perhaps this movie’s failure to launch into success will make you smile. Poor acting mixed with poor directing equals a whole bunch of great filming quality. You should just watch the film because the first word that Netflix uses to describe the movie is “sexcapades.”