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/ October 25, 2011
NYU Quidditch Is Officially A Club

Congratulations to the NYU Quidditch Team, NYU Nundu (formerly the much-wittier Hipster Horcruxes), for finally  becoming an official NYU club! The team was victorious over the NYU club budget committee, which is without a doubt just as terrifying as a dementor, joining the ranks of NYU clubs who deserve money. The announcement was made public on their Twitter on October 22nd.

Unfortunately the team has already been sorted into houses and their interest meetings have ended. Of course with Hermione-esque persistence, you can probably still weasely your way onto the team. You can contact the club for more information over Twitter or Facebook.

Last year the team took part in the Fourth Annual Quidditch World Cup hosted by the International Quidditch Association. The team defeated University of Maryland and Ringling College of Art and Design with impressive broom maneuvers and brutal beater whacks.

Their tagline on the International Quidditch Association’s website reads “Don’t let this ragtag group of socially awkward city dwellers fool you, we are a quickly growing team with the ferocity of our mascot, the Nundu.” For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Nundu, it is a giant mammal similar to a leopard that is native to East Africa.

Congratulations, mates. You’re bloody brilliant.

PS: Mudbloods are permitted to try out.

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