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/ October 17, 2011
The Grey Dog Shutters Flagship Restaurant On West Side

NYU students love the Grey Dog, the eclectic sandwich and coffee shop at 90 University. With the quirky servers, delicious lunch and dinner specials, and tables that double as maps of America, it’s no wonder the line’s always out the door. Sadly, the Grey Dog family recently sustained a heavy blow, as their flagship shop on Carmine Street closed on Sunday. The popular West Side restaurant has worked their manual dumbwaiter and toasted their sandwiches since 1996, but was forced to shut down due to a landlord dispute.

Gothamist reports that the store’s owners, brothers David Ethan and Peter Adrian, posted about the closing on their website. Any reader can feel the genuine hurt and despair in every word. They remember, “The journey that began in 1996 has taken us down a road that no one could have ever envisioned or predicted. I believe that our lives started the day that Grey Dog opened. We grew up in this space.” 

Even though a new Grey Dog will open at 21 Mulberry Street on October 21st, and will maintain two other spots on University and 242 West 16 Street, no one wants to see the Carmine establishment go. Even the owners admit it won’t be the same. “Nearly every special relationship that we have was formed here. Carmine Street has become our soul… Should we be forced to leave, it will break out hearts a hundred times over.”

This sudden shuttering of restaurants in NYC is far from uncommon. Everyone has a favorite coffee shop, a secret noodle-ary, a “you gotta try this place” that closed before their time. Just when we start crafting our Cheers allusions, there’s suddenly nowhere to go. While West Siders will pay their respects to the fallen eatary on Wednesday October 19th at 6 p.m, you should do the same to your own favorite place. Be thankful for the favorite food spots we still have. Buy another drink, tip your waitresses, maybe wax poetical about it on the Internet, anything to let them know that you want them to stick around. As for NYU Local, we’ll be at Brad’s.

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