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/ April 4, 2011
NYU Admits 33% Of Class Of 2015 Applicants, Starts Counting LSP

On Friday, NYU announced that 33% of applicants to the Class of 2015 were admitted to NYU. Of the 42,242 students that applied — the school’s largest-ever applicant pool — 13,731 were admitted.

That number, up sharply from last year’s 11,136 and 29% acceptance rate, is much higher for a reason — NYU finally began including Liberal Studies Program (LSP) admissions in their statistics. Shawn Abbott, the head of admissions, explained to WSN that the change came because the university will soon begin offering direct admissions to LSP and felt it should no longer be considered just an Associate’s Degree program. (For a more apples-to-apples comparison, 26% of applicants were admitted if you exclude LSP.)

The failure to count LSP students in NYU statistics was one of the major critiques of the program in our recent profile of it, particularly considering that LSP students constitute nearly a quarter of each year’s freshman class. (About 22% of this year’s admitted students were offered a place in LSP.) Kudos to NYU for more honest reporting, even if it might hurt the school’s US News and World Report rankings.

In Abu Dhabi, 1,184 students applied directly and 4,670 asked to be considered for admission to both campuses. 193 were accepted — a 3.1 percent admission rate, up slightly from last year’s 2.1 percent. Notably, as we reported in February, 58 of those students applied to Early Decision I; 57 accepted.