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/ March 10, 2011
NYUMobile: Your New Favorite iPhone App

NYU Gallatin alum Salvatore Randazzo developed an iPhone app to give back to the NYU community by bringing NYU’s many resources into a united interface. Salvatore initially worked on the project with classmate Matt Nolin in his last semester before graduation, but the app really came together after he enlisted the help of his former TA Ricky Cheng and designer Erica Gorochow,

Upon launching the free app, users are greeted by animated bus routes and the option to toggle between NYU’s three routes in both directions. Clicking a stop loads the five upcoming departure times, a route map, and a convenient button to enable GPS tracking from NYU’s new TransLoc partnership. Pairing the timetables with the live map is smart and intuitive, and certainly more useful than TransLoc’s other mobile options. And if you’re planning ahead, click the “clock” button to view the schedule for any time of day. After midnight, head over to the SafeRide tab and hit the convenient call button and enable GPS tracking to view the SafeRide vans on a map.

Use the top navigation bar to switch between the app’s other screens, including a directory of student and teacher information and an interactive (and searchable) map of the NYU campus, helpfully sorted by categories like “safe havens” and “markets.” A calendar tab provides access to the NYU calendar, and on the event detail page, you can add events like “Pilates” and “Visting Artist Talk” to your device calendar. You know, if that’s your thing.

Our favorite is the News tab, where you can switch between recent articles from Washington Square News and NYU Local (Don’t forget to make NYU Local your default news view in the app’s settings panel!). Right now the news reader loads mobile web versions of NYU Local and WSN, but Randazzo intends to incorporate the news feeds more seamlessly into the app in a future update.

The app’s developers hope to stay¬†committed¬†to the project, eventually adding courses and schedules, dining hall information, and more customization options like choosing a default bus route.

In the meantime, download NYUMobile and let the developers know what you think in the comments.