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/ June 2, 2010
New NYU Bookstore Now Open at 726 Broadway

“I can get lost in books for hours. Taking notes about everything. The new NYU bookstore, that’s like paradise for me. There’s even coffee!” says Rachel, class of 2013. Rachel is the model on all of the new bookstore’s advertisements (seen above). The flyer also says that she’s a poet and dreamer, so I’m going to have to agree with her. I mean, she’s a dreamer, right? I think that makes her credible enough.

After only a few months of construction, the shiny huge bookstore opened its doors today at 726 Broadway. The space is humongous and dwarfs the former store in size and appearance. There’s way more apparel (some ridiculous pictures, to follow) on sale, especially for girls. The textbooks are way more spread out in even aisles instead of the underground labyrinth that they were formerly housed in. Pics after the jump.

The bookstore is massive and very modern. It’s worth checking out this week because they’re running a couple of special opening sales. Right now you can get 20% off all clothing and books. Some sweatshirts are marked off at $18.31 (NYU’s founding date). There’s a buy-one-get-one-free offer on select t-shirts. Most importantly though, there’s a raffle to win an iPad (NYU’s new go-to raffle item). I think it’s great that NYU now has a nice bookstore and I can’t wait to drop loads of cash on my books there.

So here’s one of the many wall displays of clothing that the new store has. Lots and lots of sweatshirts abound here.

Most of the sweatshirts (and clothes in general) look like rejected Hollister designs but, I don’t know, I guess some people are into that sort of thing.

This has to be, by far, the most ugly item of clothing in the bookstore. It’s a grey women’s sweatshirt that has a purple and white striped zip-off hood that’s attached to a scarf that is longer than the sweatshirt itself. Don’t really understand why anyone would want that.

I had never seen this design before but it was on a lot of the new clothing in the store. Kind of looks like a torch orgy (torgy?) or sketches for a new NYULocal logo.

I still think it’s kind of crazy that NYU itself is in on the joke of “NYU football.” We are a snarky folk through and through.

One of the biggest upgrades that the bookstore has now is a Think Coffee inside. I had a iced coffee, tasted just like the other Think Coffee’s in the city make it. They’re cash-only for now but they have an ATM right next to the counter. I was there around noon and almost all of the seating was already taken up. I can’t even imagine how tough it’s going to be to get a seat there during finals.

In the very back of the store there were some bleachers that are part of an “Event Space." I’m guessing there will be some speakers (maybe even some small concerts) held here, which is pretty cool.

The bookstore now has a “Fine Gifts” counter. Cross-pens and engraved clocks are available as well as these Salvatore Ferragamo scarves (for $295!). Seems a little unnecessary (and recession proof).

Don’t worry student-parents, if you need to leave your kid somewhere while you shop for books there’s now a “Kid’s Corner” in the store. I hope I see a lot of hipsters taking pictures there. I feel like that’s a thing they would do.

Even Michelle and Barack came to see the new store!

Thank god the bookstore came to its senses and decided to start carrying Ed Hardy notebooks. My Jersey Studies professor doesn’t let us write in anything else!

Conveniently enough, just before the textbook section is the Cliff Notes section. I think it’s inappropriate to have such a large display of Cliff Notes in a college bookstore. Also, does anyone buy Cliff Notes anymore? Isn’t that what the Internet is for?