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/ March 30, 2010
NYU Facebook Events Roundup: Improv, Asians, and Greek Week

The Good

Spotting Love – April 1, 2, and 3 at 7 pm. Saturday at 3pm and 7pm. $4. Directed, Adapted and Designed by NYU playwrighting student Grant McDonald. Based on the true story and original text written by his brother, Jon-Marc McDonald, detailing his journey coping with his partner’s battle with HIV.

Calumut Show – April 1 at 6pm. 22 W. 22nd Street. A photography show featuring NYU Photo and Imaging seniors. Free wine’s a bonus!

Take Action Now – April 1 at 7pm. Skirball Center. NYU Undergraduate Law Society plan to reengage the subject of genocide prevention and provide substantive ways for students to take political and humanitarian action. If you don’t go to this, you’re not a human being.

Dangerbox Show: A Post April Fool’s/Pre-Arbor Day Celebration
–April 3 at 10pm. 8th Floor Kimmel, Shorin Auditorium. Some improv comedy for your post-April Fool’s blues.

Film Screening: “Special Circumstances”
– March 31 at 7:30pm. Gallatin Lounge (Room 522). The NYU ACLU are offering free empanadas at this earthquake relief event for Chile.

The Boring

ULS Law Shadowing Mixer with Lateral Link –March 30 at 6pm in Kimmel 909. What’s more fun than a mixer with legal professionals? A mixer with people who only want to be legal professionals.

Root Beer Keg Party Sponsored by SOLID Hall Council – April 1 at 7 pm. Lafayette Residence Hall’s Rec and Event’s Room. A Root Beer Keg? Isn’t this supposed to be the Greek dorm?

AHM Opening Ceremony: Embark – April 1 at 6:30pm. Eisner & Lubin Auditorium, 4th Floor Kimmel. Celebrate the start of Asian Heritage Month complete with Asian books, Asian museum curators, Asian professors, Asian organizations, and lots of Asian people.

The Ugly

NYU Nationals Showcase – March 30 at 7pm. Coles Sports Center. Picture it: band geeks, crush-velour leotards, and school spirit.

1st day of NYU Greek Week – April 5. Who knows? Pancakes? Gambling? These Facebook events leave it up to your beautiful imagination.

Hunky Dor(k)y: David’s (Er, David Hume’s) Sense of Probability
– April 1 at 8pm. Silver Center Room 405. NYU philosophy nerds try mixing David Bowie with probability and Thai food. Yum?