NYU-Poly Announces Plans To Transform Campus To “Exude” Innovation

Remember how, a couple summers ago, NYU absorbed Polytechnic University in Brooklyn and popped out with a new combined beast, Polytechnic Institute of New York University? Now, NYU-Poly’s President Jerry M. Hultin announced a $50 million (and more in the future) plan to renovate campus, somewhat mysteriously and nerdily titled “i2e Campus Transformation.”

“The goal now is to turn this into a campus that exudes innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship,” Hultin said yesterday at a Town Hall. Members of the firm Jonathan Rose Companies, chosen to spearhead the project, described fancy green and “form meets function” design plans, such as “data and electrical ports suspended from the ceiling, enabling students, faculty, and researchers to easily move wheeled stations as needed.” Whoa, technology.


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  1. says

    I know this would be a massive effort, but NYU Poly really needs to move to the village if it wants to feel like it’s a part of NYU.

    Start selling the Brooklyn Campus and use that 50 million to start buying real estate.

    Otherwise this will continue to feel like an awkward annex.

  2. Dr. Ray Turner says

    Leave Brooklyn? Poly has a history of excellence, which started there. They made some administrative blunders in the past that cost them prestige, but not their institutional pride. People have always been threatened by change and regardless how much the world is changing, they continue to cling to tradition. In the digital age why should Poly move to Washington Square? Why not I squared e, because it’s a new concept? This is why Poly is great! In the global technology and information age, Poly students would never consider moving from Brooklyn to the Village simply because they are smart enough to bring the Village to Brooklyn.