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/ January 13, 2010
NYU Computer Science Professor Jumps to Death in Washington Square Village

samw1It’s confirmed that the death that occurred at Washington Square Village last night was Sam Roweis, 37, an associate professor in the Visual Learning Graphics Lab of NYU’s Computer Science Department. According to the New York Post, he jumped from his 16th floor balcony in Washington Square Village, where many NYU professors live.

Roweis began working at NYU last year. Before that, he was an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto. He has won many awards and fellowships, and worked in research labs such as Google, Microsoft, and Bell Laboratories. His wife recently gave birth prematurely to a set of twins.

“It is always a matter of great sorrow to lose a member of our community so suddenly,” said NYU spokesman John Beckman. “The University has many resources to help those among us who are in need of assistance, and we should all remember the importance of getting help if we need it, and reaching out to help if we see signs of vulnerability in others.” NYU employees can call NYU-partnered Carebridge, which provides free, confidential 24/7 support to employees in times of distress at 800-437-0911. Students or employees can also contact the Wellness Exchange at 212-443-9999, or at [email protected].