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/ October 19, 2009
NYU Journalism Grad Student Resorting to Food Stamps

2704951513_15db242ef1This bodes well for those of us who loiter around 20 Cooper Square. The New York Times’ City Room blogDark floors”> published a recession profile on Ryan McLendon, an NYU journalism grad student and new applicant for food stamps in Williamsburg.

Turning vegetarian, taking advantage of every free food event on campus and generally eating less than he’d prefer are some of the ways McLendon attempts to curtail his $95,000 of college debt. With graduation looming at the end of the semester, McLendon’s employment prospects appear bleak. He said he’ll probably end up as a server till he finds a steady writing job. His monthly expenses amount to around $1500, though he’s only earned an average of $450 per month as a freelance writer this year.

It is unfair and terrifying that a fellow student, with a degree supposedly worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, has to get by on food stamps that he waited seven hours in line just to apply for. The fear of ending up in McLendon’s situation is what has NYU journalism students contemplating LSAT classes amongst other acceptable alternatives to starvation.

Photo from Flickr user Pengrin under the Creative Commons License.