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/ September 24, 2009
Breaking: Everyone Thinks NYU Sucks Way More Than Columbia

Picture 5In a stunning new development, most people seem to think that Columbia is, like, way better than NYU. Case in point this time is an ongoing NBC poll asking respondents “which university is the best in the city?”

Because the trophy is Mike (the paunchy dude at left)–whether that means a Mike statuette, the knowledge of knowing that if Mike could be made into a trophy, you’d have one, or something else entirely remains unclear–we’re not terribly concerned about missing out on this prize. Nonetheless, all this NYU bashing gets a bit old. First we get it from Columbia kids flaunting their “campus” and their “ivy league” status. Then from a certain hot, possibly homosexual movie star who may or may not currently be enrolled in Queer Cinema and totally doesn’t love us the way that we love him. And now from NBC online readers? This abuse must end.

You’ve got 13 days to rock this particular vote. Get ‘er done.