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/ September 21, 2009
Is James Franco in Queer Cinema 101?

james franco in milkA tipster reports that James Franco is taking Queer Cinema, an undergraduate course in the Tisch Cinema Studies department Without a paddle natures calling download. Franco was said to have set off a mild frenzy when he showed up at the department floor. (Surprising, seeing as NYU students usually try to play it cool with, “Haley Joel Osmont? He’s actually a really sweet guy… I smoked with him once.”) His name is on the roster as James Edward Franco, though we’re told he already missed his first class. Franco – get it together.

A sampling of the academic syllabus:

Week 1: “You Don’t Know Dick: The Courageous Hearts of Transsexual Men” (1997 documentary)

Week 2: “Mom’s Apple Pie: The Heart of the Lesbian Mothers’ Custody Movement” (2006 documentary)

Week 3: “Loads” (12 minute film from 1971)

Week 7: “Bottom Values: Anal Economics in History of Black Neighborhoods” and “When are┬áDirty Details and Scenes Compelling? Tucked in the Cuts of Interracial Anal Rape,” both readings pulled from Kathryn Stockton’s book, “Beautiful Bottoms, Beautiful Shame.

The actor has shown previous interest in queer cinema, directing his own film in Tisch last school year based on gay poetry. We wish him the best here and please put your Blackberry cameras down.