NYU Computer Science Students Make Awesome iPhone Apps

hill_cookitThis semester, NYU’s Computer Science department offered the class “Jeff dunham arguing with myself download.cs.nyu.edu/courses/spring09/V22.0480-004/index.html”>iPhone Programming,” where students learned to write code in order to create working iPhone applications that could even be sold in the App Store. The course, taught by Professor Nathan Hull, looked cool even before the students’ projects were announced.

My favorite is Michael Hill’s iHungry. Rather than browse recipes or go grocery shopping, you just punch in the ingredients you have in your cupboard and the app suggests recipes that use the food you have. Extra cool is the “pantry” feature that lets you keep a list of the staples you keep in your kitchen (e.g. butter, eggs). Then you can just add a “primary ingredient,” shake the iPhone, and get a recipe to make with your pantry items and the extra one. So, for example, punch in “apple” as your primary ingredient and you might “be shown a recipe for caramelized apples because in your pantry you had brown sugar and butter!”

More sweet apps after the jump.

cheng_screenshot_embeddedroyce_screenshotRicky Cheng’s NYU Courses will allow you to “access the New York University Registrar in the palm of your hand.” No more need to sit a computer refreshing the page to see if the class you want to take has filled up yet. Best, “you can even view the instructor’s ratings and map out locations of the classes.”

Remember the board game “Guess Who?” Now there’s an app for that. Rachal Royce’s Who Is It? recreates the classic childhood logic game, but adds three modes: Low Score, Against The Clock, and Versus The Computer. “But beware,” she warns, “the computer can be pretty smart sometimes.” I would play this constantly.

There are a bunch more cool apps, including some other neat-looking games, here. And you can check out all of the students’ projects at the Computer Science Demo on Wednesday, May 6th from 5-9 PM on the 13th floor of Warren Weaver Hall (the building furthest east at Gould Plaza).


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  1. Angie G says

    Wow! I have been looking for something just like iHungry! such a good idea. I would buy an iphone just for that.

  2. says

    The food one is absolutely ingenious. It’s the kind of thing that college students would kill for. In my pantry I have skim milk, canned carrots, Cheerios, and celery seed. Any ideas?… Okay, maybe that’s not exactly the best starting point…

  3. hannah c says

    holy shit, that ihungry is ingenious.

    and @lucas–grind up the cheerios, make a milk-and crumbs batter to coat the carrots with and then fry them with some celery seed

  4. Dave G. says

    In “Who Is It?” I can see myself, “Angry Dave!” Wohooo, I escaped the code cutting room floor — for now at least… ;-)

  5. Alexis Bradshaw says

    I would like to address the comment posted by John Rudd. The fuss is that its f’ing awesome and the opposite of every other food application available, and wildly conducive to being more economical. I could go on…