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/ April 30, 2009
The Eucleian Society Disrupts Class With Beepers

7177527-7f3735f213a59941fb0f10ddeeee918349f9be02-fullIn the middle of my final Intermediate Microeconomics lecture this morning, three beepers went off from the front corner of the room, hidden in the stereo system and a piano. The beepers were attached to a piece of paper, undoubtedly meant to be read out loud by a curious professor Snow buddies download. Mine was more interested in talking about game theory, so the whole thing went largely ignored, except for the sounds of exasperated “Ugh, Take Back NYU” sighs from across the room.

But it turns out that this wasn’t another TBNYU! stunt – the note was signed by “The Eucleian Society,” an NYU secret society with a literary bent. Apparently, “NYU has its secrets, too” is one of its catchphrases. It’s unclear as to what the group actually does, as well as what they were trying to accomplish with the beepers, but it’s lucky for them that we weren’t taking a final.

Full text of the message after the jump.

Fellow Classmates,

Truth is something you find outside of the classroom, outside of the walls of this university, and only from the professor in front of you insofar as he can serve as an experienced guide.

We’re not here to preach. We’re here to simply say, NYU has its secrets too.

This is your friendly wake-up call.

The Eucleian Society

UPDATE. Here’s a tip we received from NYULocal reader Dan:

At approximately 10:00, room 806 in Silver erupted into a swarm of beeps from unknown locations. Everyone (including professor) got really nervous until somebody pointed out that had happened in a previous class of his, and that it was most likely some sort of protest related thing.

Please leave a comment if a beeper went off in your class, and tell us which class it was. We’re trying to get a sense of how many they’ve hit.

Photo by Nicole He