BREAKING: Sheikh Issa, Brother of Principle NYU Abu Dhabi Backer, Tortures Man in Video

Caution: Video contains graphic footage that may not be suitable for some readers Blazing stewardesses download.

This link provides access to an exclusive ABC report with video evidence of one of the 22 royal sheikhs of the United Arab Emirates, the powerful brothers who are currently funding the building and managing of NYU’s Abu Dhabi campus, taking part in torture with the help of uniformed UAE police officers.

UAE Sheikh Issa

Sheik Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan, the brother of the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates, Prince Mohammed, does not play an active part in the UAE government but receives many benefits, including government access, police escorts, monetary support, and the privilege of having a brother as the Minister of the Interior and a brother as the leader of the nation.  His actions shown in the video, known to the UAE government, have been reviewed and no action has been taken against him.

The UAE government said in a statement that “all rules, policies and procedures were followed correctly by the Police Department.”

In the video, Issa is seen torturing a grain merchant whom he felt had cheated him over about $5,000 worth of grain.

The event took place at Issa’s royal ranch, miles outside of the UAE’s capital city of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is also the location of NYU Abu Dhabi, the school’s soon-to-be opened Middle Eastern campus.

“Get closer, get closer, let his suffering show!” Issa yells to the camera man, who is videotaping the event on Issa’s orders so that he may watch it later.

The action in the video is intense:

The man is bound at the ankles and wrists and sand is shoved into his mouth. A gun is fired near his face.  The merchant is struck with a cattle prod against his testicles, and it is then inserted into his anus.  The man’s testicles are then lit on fire with lighter fluid.  He is then beaten with a wooden board with a single protruding nail until the board splits in half.  Then, salt is poured into his wounds. The victim is semi-conscious as the Sheikh drives over him in his Mercedes SUV. The man survived, but was taken to a hospital for severe internal organ damage.

Bas Maroosi, a Houston businessman, smuggled the video from the country. About the events in the video, he says, “The whole government is all brothers – what can you do.”

Josh Taylor, the Senior Director for International Communications for NYU Abu Dhabi, speaking on behalf of the administration, has issued the following statement:

“While we’re not at all familiar with the details of the incident, I can say that we, like anyone watching that video, were horrified by the abhorrent acts depicted in it.

We clearly condemn the actions, and have made our Abu Dhabi counterparts aware of our concerns.”


  • Greg Frank
    May 6, 2009

    The UAE has issued an official comment saying that the actions on the video are not a pattern of behavior. That is completely false. This sick animal of a person / Sheik tortured 25 other people also recorded on video. Furthermore the family has a history of doing this sort of disgusting behavior all over the world, not just it their own horrible country. Just look up “sheikh assault switzerland” to read about it happening elsewhere. Of course these are just the known / recorded cases. These sick people need to be incarcerated as they are clearly beyond psychological rehabilitation due to their upbringing and their “society.” The defense of this by muna al shaibani is just an example of how barbaric the country truly is.

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  • muna shaibani
    May 11, 2009

    This comment is for Greg,

    What do you know about me to say something like that Mr. Greg all you know is to humiliate others then tray to understand?
    My comments…that show what kind of Hume rights you stand for.

    Muna Al Shaibani

  • Greg Frank
    May 12, 2009

    To: muna shaibani

    What do I know about you? I know that you defended a man who set another man’s testicles on fire, stabbed him repeatedly in the buttocks with a nail, inserted a cattle prod into his anus, and had the entire assault filmed for his own sick pleasure. After seeing this video you called this perpetrator a “good man.” What more than that does anyone need to know about you?

  • Preethi K
    June 3, 2009

    I saw this video and i had nightmares for 3 nights. Torture happens eveywhere but if you are tortured in a democratic country, its more towards humiliation and harassment. and you can fight for justice. These middle eastern countries actually believe in brutal torture. i mean…. i dread to think that poor afghan mans pain and his internal injuries. The worst part is that the government doesnt think he did anything wrong and feels that he is justified in his actions. SHOCKING.

    Muna u need some psychiatric counselling

  • mary smith
    June 22, 2009

    Oh my god! this grazy sheikh should be locked up for the rest of his life! how anyone can defend this monster??????? and this muna person deffinately needs a shrink and medication too!

  • Huda Al Hassan
    July 7, 2009

    Mary Smith….well said!

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