Forwarding Your NYU Mail to Gmail Will Improve Your Life By 74% Guaranteed

picture-16Nobody in this day and age should have to deal with NYU’s email interface Amazing journeys download. It’s clunky, unintuitive, easily broken down, and just generally vomit-worthy. If you don’t already have one, you should get a Gmail account instead.


1) Gmail gives you about 30x the storage space as NYU Mail (7315 MB to 250 MB), and it’s ever-increasing. You will no longer have to delete every message that’s over two weeks old. In fact, you’ll probably never have to delete a message ever again.

2) Gmail has a much better user interface. You have many options for how you want it to look, and it’s fast and intuitive.

3) Gmail allows you to organize and search for mail in a way that NYU Mail can’t even comprehend. Looking for an old email in NYU Mail is a terrible, arduous task, but Gmail has a search function that’s just as good as Google. And Gmail has various labeling options that make things easier to deal with, if you so wish.

But what if I want to look at my NYU Mail, you say? Not a problem – you can easily set it up so that all the mail that goes to your NYU account automatically forwards to Gmail. You can even set it up so that you can send from your NYU address within Gmail.

Because I am kind, instructions are after the jump.

1) First, go to Gmail’s website and register for an email.

2) Go to NYU Home and set up mail forwarding to your fancy new Gmail address. Instructions are here. The only thing you should disregard is the part that says “make sure the option for Retain a copy of each incoming mail message on NYUHome is selected.” It’s useless to retain email, because you’ll have to go in and delete them when you run out of space.

3) After you’ve tested out sending a couple emails, making sure that they are going promptly to your Gmail account, you can set it up so that you can send from your NYU address, but from Gmail. What this means is that I can use my Gmail account to send things from

In Gmail, click “Settings” in the top right corner. Then click the “Accounts” tab. Here, you can click “Add another email address you own,” where you enter your NYU address. You can enter as many addresses as you like.

Make sure the “Reply from the same address the message was sent to” is selected, so when someone emails, it automatically responds from that address, instead of my Gmail address.

And…you’re done. Good job.


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  1. mike ross says

    nicole — i have been waiting for someone to write this story forever. nyuhome is inefficient, frustrating, and ugly. it now serves to collect my facebook notifications. great job!

  2. matt m says

    Why would you want to clog up your gmail account with the junk nyu sends out. My nyu mail is used solely for the purpose of signing up for services that may send me junk mail. That way I never have to see any of it.

    And if you want to see it just connect it to your mail program using IMAP that way you never have to use the online interface yet still keep both accounts separate.

  3. says

    @Matt: I don’t know about you, but professors send me emails through my NYU address all the time. And why wouldn’t you want just one inbox to check rather than two?

  4. Paul Sailer says

    Ah, yes. Thank you. NYU Mail is terrible. I’m constantly having issues with group members having nearly full inboxes, and so they never get my messages.

    Though, you know what’s even worse than NYU Mail? Stern’s email. Oh, the spam I get on that account. You’d think it was an account from the 90’s.

  5. Paul Sailer says

    Oh, and a little tip if you want to (and you probably will) get all your old emails into the Gmail account: Under “Settings”, click “Account”, and add your NYU email to the “Get mail from other accounts” list.

    It may take a while to import it all, but once it does, you can remove it, and the forwarding from NYU Mail will take care of any new messages you receive.

  6. Kathleen McCaffrey says

    I can attest that this is, in fact, the greatest way to circumvent the awfulness of NYU email.

  7. Jeff L says

    Hey, I haven’t read the Google end user license agreement lately, but you can be sure that Google-monster uses a bunch of informaton about your emailing habits and addresses and content. Google uses it to sell or for it’s own marketting.