Raw Footage From the Last Moments of the Kimmel Occupation

The student who is holding the camera and narrating the event is not an NYU Student. He goes to Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA.Walking shadow download.youtube.com/v/_Q6KAg6qEGY&hl=en&fs=1″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash”>

This is just torturous. Clearly the poor kid who is filming is trying to sort things out as everything falls apart around him. Maybe NYU should teach a class on how to protest effectively. Jack Manely could teach.

Read and see more about the protest here, and here.


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  1. Hart Westford says

    Greetings, potty-mouth “Daddy-Pays-the-Bills” college leftists:

    Do you really think that peppering your adolescent rantings with profanity helps get your point across?

    Or perhaps you are trying to show that you are “down” with “da people” who speak that way. In other words, you are in “solidarity” with other rebellious idealist idiots who speak from the gutter and make demands on everyone.

    Never fear -there IS hope. You will one day grow up, mature [hopefully becoming responsible citizens in the process]…but alas, that will be long after you graduate.
    I too was once a semi-informed leftist activist myself…but God had mercy on me.

    The best part of all this- hardly ANYONE even heard about this shameful little university tempest in a tea-pot in the media !

    I learned about it through http://www.politicalvindication.com !


  2. Jay Palo says

    Kelly – Duddy – please, please, do grow up. Typical radical bullshit you sheeple spout. Bringing up Plato’s philosophy doesn’t make you any more smarter – or a gigantic tool – than Alex here, or unrelated 9/11 conspiracy theory/whining about politicians will change anything. Which, of course, got shitted on by endless waves of debunking. Nor will your delusions about America not being “free” ever come true.

    Typical “radicals”. About as “radical” as angry kindergartners.

  3. Brian Hamilton says

    Wow. Just fucking wow. What children you little pansy ass protesters are.
    Must be nice to use mommy and daddy’s money to promote “change”.
    What the fuck kind of sissy asses are you, whining about organic food. You need to get your heads out of your asses and join the real world for a change you sheep.

    My God…thank the lord I’m a midwestern conservative..I would hate to be known as a liberal fucking douchebag locking myself into a public area with trashcans because I don’t like fast food.

    Grow up and get a life morons.

  4. says

    This is so damn funny it has to be fake. Is this a trailer for a movie that soundtrack will feature Joaquin Phoenix rapping? Unreal. Alex Del Taco or whoever you are, I really, really, really feel bad not for you, if a retarded kid wants to put on a pair of stilts and give it a go I’m probably laughing, but any girl who would be foolish enough to date you is really in for it, the whiny little victim-whore diva you are. Why on earth would you think you could find 13 Gazans who’d want to come to NYU after your sorry sadsack show? NYU will be lucky if they get 50% of the admission next year, and they almost have to go down in academic rankings, considering the stupidity of these jerkoff rich kids. I’m willing to bet you’ve never traveled out of the country. Thanks for the laughs.

  5. Eric Levitt says

    Can we not laugh at ourselves?

    Do we have to take ourselves so seriously?

    Ask nyulocal to allow the “Empty Chairs in Kimmel” response video to be linked on youtube.

  6. LostInDaJungle says

    Wow… Coming in from the outside.

    Alex, I was once like you. I was arrested once for protesting BK fish sandwiches because they killed Tuna. I only did it to get laid.

    However, I don’t really wish to address the hilarious video you’ve provided us, nor the “controversy” at NYU. I would like to address the comments left in this forum by Alex.

    First Reply: At least I’m doing something.

    No, you’re not. You look like a bunch of privileged pricks with your $1,600 laptops and your too cool for school hipster BS. As someone just from the outside, this video had me siding with the NYU administrators. My thought was “God, those people should get paid extra for dealing with whiny bastards like this.”

    Second Reply: Poor mom and dad.

    I can’t stand a liar. So, wait, you’re so poor that you can afford road trips to NYC from where you are? So poor that you can only afford a nice video camera and a new MacBook? I mean, you haven’t bought new clothes in two years, but you can afford road trips to the Big Apple and a nifty camera.

    You sir, are full of crap. YOU ARE A LIAR. You’re a douchebag attention whore who apparently would have people wrongly believing his parents are indigent just to garner some sympathy. You’re now a moron and a liar in my book.

    Poor you, born white in the world’s richest country. Boo-frikkin’-hoo. I hope in the years to come this video haunts you. Every person you meet, every potential employer…. They Google your name and see this video.

    Oh, and I hope your poor parents never look you up and see what their child says about them to strangers. You should be ashamed. You would need to evolve to be scum.

  7. P Thompson says

    What do you corporate fascists have against consensus anyhow? Whether it’s with or without Freddy is a whole other can of dolphin-free tuna. The real question this video poses is “Who can facilitate this? Who is capable of facilitating at this point?” No, Alex, said facilitate, not fellate. We know you can do that. So, tell me, which one of the mall cops waterboarded you into posting this monstrosity online? You obviously did this on your own. So what in the god or goddess of your choice’s name made you think this was a good thing to post. You must have thought you’d be received as a hero, a freedom fighter, no? Did you think that Urban Outfitters would sell shirts with your iconic image on them, right next to the rack of Che merch and the kaffeyahs? Have you ever thought about film school? I think you’ve got a gift. Cause I’ve watched this thing about 20 times now. It is as addicting as corporate soda.

  8. says

    I feel like I’ve grown close to “the cast” of “NYU-KNOW-WE-NEED-YOUR-I.D.” However, I want to be able to feel a connection, therefore I’m naming a few of my favorite’s:

    At the 4:57 mark – “NYU-UNIBOMBER”

    “Peace Sign Girl”

    “A.J – you F’ing RAT! – Soprano”

    “Balcony Babe”

    “Dreadlocked Skaterboy”

    “Corporate Cameraman”

    “I just came in for a Turkey Wrap, Blue-Hat-Sportcoat-Guy”

    Now I’m going to watch it… again.

  9. P Thompson says

    I can’t help it. I actually set my alarm a few minutes early so I could enjoy lousy dickumentary before I go to work. Oh, that’s right. I have a job. And they’re a corporation. I work full time and yet I can’t afford to buy a MacBook, let alone six. I bet you have some really weird porn saved on your MacBook. Alex, what’s your schedule like? Where will you be appearing next? You played the role of “giant douche bag” better than its ever been played before. This is the role you were born to play: Turdtard with camera, opinions, four weeks of Civics 101 under your belt. Bravo, asshole!


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    All this over Hamas. I only wonder how many professors are still teaching at this school that fanned these anti-American flames in the first place.
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