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/ February 20, 2009
NYU Occupation: Late Night Thread


12:05 – Negotiations continue, kick up those comments.

12:10 – Students just took over 4th st Santa clause 2 the download. in front of Kimmel. LOTS of people. Photo to follow.

12:14 – Tipster says cops are congregating by Skirball Center (side of Kimmel, for those who don’t know). Apparently we are unable to see them. I’ll take a look and see if I can get a pic.

More after the jump.

12:24 – More confirmation of lots of cops on east side of Kimmel. Anastasia called me out in the comments as a fool — remains to be seen.

Also, fellow NYU Local staffers aren’t being allowed into the building, although WSN staffers are. Let the heat of 1,000 suns pour down upon the scuzball who decided on that policy.

12:27 – Everyone’s asking for it so here is the link to the live streaming video. Pretty patchy in my experience. Be patient.

12:32 – Whoa, less than half an hour. Is it all gonna hit the fan? Or is NYU gonna chicken out? Will I make it out without a press pass? Am I gonna get thrown in the slammer? So many questions for my sleep-deprived brain. Help me out!

12:37 – Gettin pretty intense everyone. 3 of many, many cop cars:


12:40 – Students on my left, cops on my right. Spin it round and break it down tonight. TBNYUers are talking that legalese. It’s likely to get very real very quickly.

12:44What’s going to happen at 1 AM? Everyone has an opinion. Give yours.

12:47 – I’m sitting in my chair hearing the cries of hundreds of TBNYU supporters in front of Kimmel chanting, “Take! Back! NYU!” and catching vague clips of the TBNYU meeting I’m not welcomed into. All this while guards lurk to my right and cops are an eerie presence. The room is bristling with anticipation. 1 AM approaches.


12:57 – If you aren’t already, follow our twitter. It may be easier for me to make speedy posts on Twitter rather than here if things escalate.

1:01 AM – The calm before the storm?

1:04 – We’ve been offered a chance to leave now. I can’t leave. I’ve been following this story for over 28 hours straight. I know you all are waiting to hear what happens. I got you. I’m in it for the long haul.

1:09 – Violence in the streets. People are actively fighting cops.

1:17 – Definitely follow the twitter feed but it’s now 1:16, there’s ACTUAL rioting in the street i have video of everything it’ll go up as soon as i can put it up. Negotiations seem ongoing here in the room with Bob.

NYU students face arrest and expulsion I’m hearing

1:21 – Documents were just handed out to everyone. They are “safe harbor” agreements that suspend any disciplinary charges for the remainder of student’s tenure at NYU. Photo coming.

1:27 – TBNYU is having another secret meeting. More in a second.


img_0267Epic crowd, seriously. I can’t believe it.

img_0273Emotions after rioting and panic.

1:36 – TBNYU still talking about their next play.

1:39 – TBNYU asks for amnesty for a night.

1:41 – Loading video to YouTube now – should be up within 8 minutes.

1:43 – Clarification: TBNYU wants to be able to stay in Kimmel over night. (Presumably to try more wily tricks tomorrow…)

1:47 – TBNYU is staying. Amnesty granted for the night. Hold for update and video.

2:08 – Correction: They will be allowed to stay the night but there will be NO amnesty and NO negotiations. They have no safety net. They can be fully prosecuted by NYPD and NYU. (at least for now)

As for me, this must end my time as a liveblogger here at Kimmel. I absolutely need sleep. But we’ll be back tomorrow with the final story of what happens to TBNYU.