Kimmel Occupation Day 3 Updates

Untamed heart download.jpg” alt=”dsc_0023″ width=”530″ height=”351″ />After thirty hours of liveblogging the TBNYU! occupation from the Kimmel Center cafeteria, NYU Local National editor and all around bad ass Charlie Eisenhood returned to his bed around 3am this morning. His coverage was more comprehensive than anything else available and his willingness to continue blogging amidst the hostile masses pretty impressive. We tried to arrange a body switch to send in another reporter when he left but the NYU admin was having none of it so we’ll be harassing TBNYU! kids still in Kimmel and administrators alike in search of information for the rest of the day. Check back here for updates and follow our twitter for info as it comes in.

New info after the jump.

9:15AM- NYU PR tells me that no one is allowed access to Kimmel outside of scheduled activities. Walking by Kimmel around 9:30, it was looking more like no one is allowed in period.

TBNYU!’s blog is saying that the internet in Kimmel has been disconnected and there’s “no access to power outlets.” Waiting for confirmation from Lynne Brown. Grad students are currently blogging on their behalf but I wonder how long they’ll last now. I mean, possible expulsion is one thing, no internet is quite another.

Another support ralley outside Kimmel today at noon.

Have received word from two sources that CAS Senator Caitlin Boehne actually left Kimmel shortly after telling Local that she was in it for the long haul at 2:20am today. Texted Caitlin for confirmation, no response yet.

12:13 – Hey, all. Charlie here. I just spoke to Emily Stainkamp and she informed me that administrators and security guards raided the 3rd floor and rounded up the remaining protestors. They are all being suspended.

The team of five negotiators (before this raid) went to negotiate and were apparently detained and suspended as well. It’s currently unclear if any negotiations actually took place.

This is the end I think. Will update with any new news.

12:26 – Lily Q is at Kimmel and informs me that people are still inside and on the balcony. They should be coming out of the building in about 15 minutes. Although the press release says that non-NYU students will be turned over to police, some tips are coming in that a few have left the building and were not give to police. More info forthcoming. Be sure to follow our twitter for comprehensive coverage.

12:43 – 4 protestors remain on the balcony. They say they won’t be leaving until they’re removed. I don’t see what this accomplishes. They’re not going to meet any demands, they’re just going to arrest/expel/pwn you. Working on getting names and photos.

12:48 – Jess is updating the twitter: ryan olander and drew phillips two of the students remaining, 1 student on balcony goes to drew university.

12:50 – Everyone else is out of the building, only the 4 on the balcony remain.

Students on balcony: Sarah Magno (NYU ’10), Drew Phillips (NYU ’10), Ryan Olander (U Minnesota Grad), Krista Hendricksen (Drew).

Farah Khimji, one of the leaders of the protest, left the building around 12:40pm and began to talk to press cameras. Councilman Barron stood alongside her as she issued her statement claiming security guard brutality. Khimji claims she was pushed to the ground and physically subdued by 3-4 NYU security guards. “This is absurd. It’s an outrage. You don’t put a hand on any of the students in the building.” – Councilman Barron.

Barron called upon all elected officials “concerned about citizens of NYC” to come out and support the TBNYU! cause.


Two non-NYU students, Alex Lotorto of Muhlenberg (left) and Max Stirner of the New School claim that NYU and the police have agreed to not press charges against the students. NYU administration could not confirm or deny this comment. They also claim they have the support of Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky.

UPDATE: NYU’s statement issued here says that the non-NYU students will indeed be prosecuted for trespassing.

Jess Roy says: Be sure to keep updated on our Twitter. According to Entertainment Editor Joe Coscarelli and Local writer Mike Vilensky, a tour of prospective students just walked by Bobst towards Kimmel. LOL. Welcome to NYU, kids.

Looks as if it’s all over. Cody & Lily are working on a new post which will go up ASAP with all the finalized details.

New updates will be posted here.


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  1. says

    From: Michael Letwin
    Date: Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 9:52 PM
    Subject: Hands Off Student Protesters

    To: NYU President John Sexton; John Beckman, NYU Spokesperson; Office of the Provost; Office of the Vice President

    New York City Labor Against the War denounces in the strongest possible terms the NYU administration’s deceitful and vindictive treatment of student protesters who occupied the Kimmel Center.

    The administration falsely agreed to negotiate, only to detain and suspend the students’ representatives. It then forcibly removed the remaining protesters — some of whom were assaulted by NYU security — and evicted them from their dorm rooms.

    These students’ nonviolent protest rightly demanded that NYU serve its student body, and that the University be financially transparent and accountable. It is particularly honorable that they demand that NYU support the people of Gaza and end all University complicity with the Israeli apartheid regime.

    Their action is in the finest tradition of the civil rights, Vietnam antiwar and anti-apartheid movements. We are very proud of them.

    We therefore join in demanding that NYU administration immediately:

    1. Rescind suspensions, housing evictions and all other disciplinary action against the student protesters.

    2. Meet the students’ demands.

    Michael Letwin
    Co-Convener, New York City Labor Against the War; Former President, Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW Local 2325

  2. Cecil DeMille says

    Noam Choamsky? Charles Baron? Who is missing Ethel Rosenberg? Baron is a supporter of Zimbabwe thug Robert Mugabe. Mugabe would never allowed this sort of protest.

  3. Alex Lotorto says

    Hey folks. It makes me laugh how you have absolutely no information about me or my background, have clearly not read about the demands for an affordable education we are fighting for, and Take Back NYU! is not a failure. They have legitimized their demands after two years of struggling to be heard. Many of them work multiple jobs and had to leave the sit-in to work. I grew up in rural PA, with no health care, no dentist, my family claiming bankruptcy, my dad in rehab, and very very little privileges. My mom is a florist with diabetes that is killing her. It’s made her blind with cataracts, forced emergency heart bypass surgery, a foot amputation, and now kidney failure. We had no health care to pay for any of that. My dad is a landscaper who plows driveways in the winter. I have worked every summer and every break in beer stores, ice cream stores, cleaning shopping centers, and landscaping rich fuckers houses with my dad. I have only been out of the northeast twice with trips on my grampa’s life insurance money. Wealth is not in my family. I am working class. I am struggling with my debt that my *need-based* scholarships cannot cover. I attended the cheapest college I got into. I haven’t bought new clothes in two years. I am non-violent for now, but my rage is infinite and bottomless against the people who have driven me into a despair over my mom and my powerlessness without money to buy my politicians. I’ve written hundreds of letters and made hundreds of phone calls to congressmen about my deep-felt anger about their irresponsibility. I took a semester off in DC to do work on poverty, healthcare, and anti-war issues that directly affect me. I lobbied congressmen who could care less. Then I see them destroying the lives of millions of people across the oceans. What little tax money and tuition money I pay, goes towards cluster bombs and tanks to occupy Arabs in racist wars for profit. Generals, politicians, and CEOs are stepping on the heads of everyone else for benefit. I’m sick and tired of privileged people sitting on their couches, with the power to persuade the system to work otherwise, and doing NOTHING BUT VOTING. That’s why I am non-violent for now. But if the system kills my mom, which it will, and keeps butchering people in wars, prisons, and on the streets of my country…I can’t express how prepared I am to take care of the motherfuckers myself. No justice, no peace will take on a whole different meaning when my mom is on her death bed. If you are working class, then I am struggling for you because I identify with what you’re facing. You haven’t met the Alex Lotorto that sits listening to his generation watching MTV down the hall in the dorm as he clenches his fist because he just had to force the doctor over the phone to perform a surgery on his mom because she didn’t want it and wanted to die. After that, every story coming out of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine makes me overwhelmed. The difference is, I can do something about it here. I can lean and push on the system, shut it down, and make it stop its violence.

    That’s what I attempted to do at NYU, like I attempt to do every day at Muhlenberg. If you don’t think it worked, don’t just criticize me, START YOUR OWN MOVEMENT AND FIX IT. Maybe I’ll join it.

  4. emmy reveaux says

    OK, Alex…start your own movement that addresses your own concerns. Don’t show up at some other school that people VOLUNTARILY pay craploads of money to attend and stage a terribly lame takeover that lacks a coherent message.

  5. Stian Brinch says

    Alex, your mother’s and father’s diseases were not caused by any “system,” and the illogical mental leaps that you make, linking your personal setbacks and misfortunes to a political system, reveal your lack of maturity and your limited analytical ability. The vast majority of people work for a living. So do you. Boo hoo. People get sick. Most people don’t blame others for it. Your favorite totalitarian government Hamas has a special career reserved for compulsive dissident malcontents like you who project their personal rage on their surrounding communities: suicide bomber. Run along now and get your free belt.