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/ January 21, 2009
NYU’s Dr. Doom Back With More Cheery News

Nouriel RoubiniStern professor Nouriel Roubini has spoken up again and this time it has nothing to do with refuting his purported playboy antics or vagina wall hangings. Roubini first hit our radar as NYU’s own Nostradamus by 4 rise of the silver surfer”>predicting the current financial crisis waaaaay back in 2006 and earning himself the moniker Dr. Doom in the process.

Now, Bloomberg is reporting that Roubini has predicted that the U.S.’s losses may reach $3.6 trillion dollars. At a conference in our little home away from home, Dubai, the pessimistic professor spoke on the “systemic banking crisis” and how fucked we all are, complete with facts and figures.

In other brighter news, Gawker head honcho Nick Denton’s “Nazi mind” continues to flourish.