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/ December 8, 2008
Stern’s Dean Cooley Resigns, Returns to Classroom

Deaths of ian stone the download.png” alt=”” width=”202″ height=”145″ />In case you haven’t already heard, Thomas Cooley, in a letter sent out to the Stern community on Wednesday, announced that he was stepping down as Dean of the Stern School of Business.

His reason for leaving isn’t as scandalous as some might have suspected. With the timing of the announcement, some had suspicions that perhaps something “odd” had happened, and perhaps he was “pressured” into leaving by the NYU higher ups. Not the case.

I thought I’d ask the man himself, instead of having others speculate. In an email, Cooley told me that his reason for stepping down was his “desire to go back to teaching and research and pursue a few other things.” He mentioned his seven years as the dean of Stern and said that he “enjoyed the opportunity to lead the school and make a difference.”

Wherever he ends up, I’m sure he’ll do well. Under Cooley, Stern has established itself as one of the more reputable business schools in the nation. “I am sure the school will find a very good person to succeed me,” he wrote.

We can only hope.