John Kerry’s Plan For Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Going As Smoothly As Expected

Secretary of State John Kerry has been on a seemingly impossible mission to complete what his predecessors have continuously failed to do: secure peace talks between Israel and Palestine. Ideally, they would result in an agreement between both sides on the issues of borders, security, the claiming of Jerusalem and the rising numbers of refugees in the area.

The United States set April 29, 2014 as a deadline to agree on a framework for negotiating. In other words, for almost nine months all sides have been negotiating what they plan to negotiate during the real negotiations this summer. With us so far?

The problem is that the US now says they cannot meet the April deadline, which further delays any real step towards peace in the volatile region. Even the slightest indication progress or lack thereof could almost immediately affect both Israel and Palestine’s fragile economies. If there is progress or any sign of agreement, the international community will respond positively and Palestine will begin to see an increase in financial support. The Palestinian economy will boom as both Palestinian and Israeli workers will be able to move between the two regions freely. Citizens could work wherever they wanted within the region and there would be a decrease in tension on the streets.

If there continues to be no signs of anything productive getting done, the economies and social/security issues in both Israel and Palestine will deteriorate even further. Statisticians predict higher unemployment rates, which will lead to dissatisfaction among citizens and more violence.

One of the terms of agreement, at least according to a leaked document, would be the Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. Besides the fact that the Palestinians would never agree to this, it is problematic because it would prevent millions of Palestinians displaced by the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 from returning to their ancestral lands.

The Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state would also mean Israel would also have to recognize Palestine as a Palestinian state, which is unlikely to be accepted by the Israeli people living outside of contingent Israel. This brings up the biggest obstacle of all – the numerous political parties and factions demanding a voice in the negotiations between Israel and Palestine. Each recognized party is wary of the next and any consensus will be difficult to achieve, further stalling any agreement.

Hamas, the political party that controls the Gaza Strip, has made it known to both sides that they will reject any framework, agreements, or negotiations presented because they were not included in the talks. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, from the Fatah party of the West Bank, has been meeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of State John Kerry on behalf of Palestine. Hamas has also been vocal about their belief that armed resistance, not negotiation, is the only way to secure Palestine.

There is much speculation that the proposals being put on the table are deliberately made to be antagonizing towards one side in order to purposely stall the negotiations. There is no speculation, however, that six decades have gone by and the people of Israel and Palestine are getting restless.

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  1. Dr. Barbarelli says

    Israeli foreign policy, in a nutshell, aims at getting the Americans to pay the price for Tel Aviv’s aggression – against the Palestinians, against the Lebanese, against the Syrians, and most of all against the Iranians. The Israeli strategy has been to keep their own indigenous Arab population and neighboring Arab states in a state of pre-modernity so as to ensure the regional hegemony of the Jewish state. Yet Iran is a modern industrial nation with a long history of preeminence that reaches back to the Roman era, and its peoples are not going to be kept out of the developed world. The Israeli drive to deny Iran nuclear power is as much symbolic as it is military-minded, which is precisely what drives Tehran’s defiance. Iranian society is moving in the direction of liberality and openness: Israeli society, on the other hand, is moving in the opposite direction – toward a frenzy of nationalistic militarism that can only culminate in disaster, for Israel and the world. The key to stopping this rush to unreason is in Washington, where unconditional support for the Israelis – no matter what outrages they perpetrate, against the Palestinians or us – has enabled a real threat to grow until it overshadows whatever hope exists for peace in the Middle East. While Tel Aviv has gotten way out of hand, and the threat of an Israel-gone-rogue is very real, there is still time to rein them in. The stage has been set for jerking their chain by the paradigm shift in American public opinion, away from promiscuous interventionism and toward a more restrained exercise of American power. What’s needed now is American leadership with the will to put the Israelis in their place

  2. Paul Davidsson says

    Their(Palestinian)ancestral lands??? That was NEVER their land!!! It’s Always been Israel’s by promise(see the book of Genesis)and actually God’s(see Joel) “I will judge those who divide MY land” You wanna play that game you’ll be hurtin’ for certain!

  3. Sage Ariel says

    Prove to me that the land that belongs to Israel was the home of the “Palestinian” people and their ancestor’s. You write in your story that the land of “Palestine” is the ancestral home of the Palestinians. Show us where you got this information and what it is based on. Who are the “Palestinians,” and where did they come from? What is their history? Where was their nation? Was not the land that is disputed the home of the Jewish People for the past 3000 plus years? Did not the Roman empire name the area “Palestine?” Is this not the land that was invaded by Muslims and controlled by them until the British took over in 1917-1918??? I believe so. Who then controlled the area and lived in the area before that? You shouldn’t just type stories based on your view without presenting the facts with proof.

  4. Maryna Prykhodko says

    Paul and Sage –
    My choosing to include the world “ancestral” is reflective of the principal highlighted in international law as declared by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, called “Right of Return”. To be more specific, I am referring to the Palestinian Right of Return, which is widely recognized. However, instead of focusing on my rhetoric, you chose to blatantly ignore the message of this post which is that there is no peace between the two lands, nor can the two lands seems to agree on anything despite efforts from the international community who have hope that a deal can be reached. Your division and argument of ancestral or non ancestral lands and using the Bible as a basis of law while the people living in this conflicted area are attacking one another and dying make you part of the problem. Please recognize this and work to reorganize your worldview.

  5. Donald Ryan says

    To me the problem seems to be unresolvable because a resolution would have to be agreed upon by all sides. It would be like two neighbors arguing over their property line. In order for there to be peace in the valley, so to speak, one has to agree to give up what one sincerely believes is theirs by “right”, (whatever establishes that right- be it the Bible or the right of return or whatever.) Either one neighbor just decides out of the goodness of their heart to go agains the wishes of its family members and just “give” land away, or the other would have to agree to do so. In the absence of a good reason (something other than threat of violence or violence itself) I don’t see this happening. So all of the neighbors on the block take sides and some say one neighbor should give up land while others say the other neighbor should do so.

    It will never happen this way. The basic problem is that Israel says it has a right beyond the “capture” of the disputed lands to their possession and inclusion in an Israeli State, while those who call themselves Palestinians claim that THEY have the right to the land, even though it has been included in the boundaries of Israel at least since the mid 1960’s.. and they claim by “right” since Biblical times.

    Israel’s prophetic future REQUIRES that they hold the land. Palestinians say they will NEVER give up their “right” to the land.

    You tell us how this is going to be resolved? It will ONLY be resolved by force, and most likely will involve a number of nations greater than “two” becoming involved militarily to enforce a decision made by the world community one way or the other.

    Just my opinion. Perhaps it would be best if everyone adopted a “hands off” approach like they have done in other regions over other disputed lands and let the parties figure it out….or not. Kind of a Darwinian approach. I know it does not seem popular but unless the world community is willing to go to battle over the “right” of one neighbor or the other, this battle of words, and ongoing war will never cease.

  6. Tracey Hampton says

    It will cease, Jesus is coming back to set the record straight! Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord of all!! All you who believe that any man, governor, president or prime minister have any control over Israel’s final state are sadly blind to more than you think you know. Even the Jews and especially the Iranians, Tehrans, Palestinians, Muslims or whatever their names are today.

  7. Tracey Hampton says

    Receive Him now before its too late, time is winding down. You feed your flesh food and your mind knowledge but what about your spirit? That part of you will continue to live somewhere when you die, and what you decide on Earth will determine where it ends up FOR ETERNITY. You didnt come from a monkey and you wont be reincarnated, this is it…choose today whom you will serve. My prayer for those who scoff at my reply is that this post will wake you in the middle of the night like a bad dream until you surrender. Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened, ask and you shall receive. He died so that you can live with Him now and forever more. Be blessed.