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/ March 1, 2013
What’s Going On With Athletes Pretending To Be Other Athletes?

Athletes using Twitter is pretty much the greatest thing ever. While some use it for bland promotion, there are a select few that unleash their true colors on their followers.  For example last week J.R Smith of the Knicks’ made news for his interaction with a fan. Without getting into the finer details, he asked a female fan who messaged him if she was “trying to get the pipe”. After it blew up on the Internet, he then Instagramed a wall of tobacco pipes.

With that being said, two of the best athletes on Twitter are actually fake. They’re not fans pretending to be a player, though, they’re players pretending to be other players. Sound weird? Well it is. Keep reading below as we break down these guys. And trust us, you’ll want to learn about and follow them.

The first fake is Leon Sandcastle, who is actually all-time great cornerback Deion Sanders. In an idea perpetuated by the NFL itself, Sanders is sick of hearing about how dominant the current rookies are. He dons an afro wig and fake mustache, enters himself in the scouting combine, and takes the league by storm. Everyone is obsessed with the rookie who looks kind of like an ugly Deion Sanders.

Surprisingly, the NFL (which may or may not stand for No Fun League) has gone all out with this one. Sandcastle has actually been at the combine, showing off his skills, and doing press conferences for the teams that will potentially draft him. On Twitter, they have promoted him endlessly and in turn he has delivered. In the ultimately ‘bad Twitter promotion way’, he tosses out Chuck Norris jokes with his own name in them, refers to himself as a cheetah (which is why he doesn’t stretch before running), and boasts of his past careers. While this will all be gone when the draft finally happens, it’s good fun in the mean time.

The second and granddaddy of athletes pretending to be someone else on twitter is Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo, aka Strombone1. Identified only by the silouette of a goalie with a question mark in place of a number, he is all but verified without the official Twitter certification. From Vancoucer, he rules the hockey twitterverse with a self-depreciating sense of humor with a pop culture twist.

His wheelhouse is poking fun at his own situation. At the end of last season, Luongo lost his starting job to back-up Corey Schneider. While he was surely upset with the situation that he called 2 guys 1 crease, he expressed himself on Twitter. For example, when the NHL posted a tweet asking if fans were excited to see Schneider in net, Strombone responded, “Can’t wait!!!” He also has told us that “being a backup [goalie] is a lot funner than [he] anticipated.”

Luongo has also had some wacky interactions with B-level celebrities. In a situation that no one ever thought would happen, the Italian-French-Canadien goalie got in the midst of a feud between Jose Conseco and The Iron Sheik. After agreeing to be Conseco’s running mate in his short-lived bid for mayor of Toronto, the Iron Sheik stepped in. Threatening to never watch hockey again and telling the two that they could go eat various forms of excrement, Strombone responded with a photoshopped picture of him body slamming the Sheik.

Shocked, the Sheik asked Strombone if he “was the real jabroni.” The goalie quipped that he was, except in Boston (where he was defeated in the Stanley Cup finals). That was clearly enough for ‘Sheikie’ as he tweeted Strombone is real and no one is allowed to mess with him.

Ah the joys of modern technology; how else would we get a fake NFL prospect who is really a hall of famer in a wig and a goalie fighting with a former baseball player and pro-wrestler?

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