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/ December 7, 2012
Gold School: Glenn Beck and Vince Vaughn Launching a Reality Show

Grab your chalkboard and start weaning yourself off your medication — because destiny is calling. Politico reported yesterday that Glenn Beck and Vince Vaughn will be launching a reality TV show on Beck’s TheBlaze TV. The show, titled “The Pursuit of Truth,” aims to find “the next great documentary film maker” and is currently accepting applications for the first season, set to begin next year.

As one Politico commenter put it, you “can’t launch a reality show if you detached from reality.” That captures the popular sentiment about the controversial former Fox host, whose teary-eyed, firebrand rhetoric often leapt willy-nilly across a spectrum of paranoid conspiracies. Last year, Beck resigned his wildly popular show after his comment that the president had a “deep-seated hatred for white people” caused more than 400 advertisers to tell the network not to run their ads on his show.

As for Vince Vaughn — well, we don’t really know what to make of that one. On Wednesday, Beck commented on his radio show, “that should make everybody’s head spin. What the hell is Vince Vaughn doing with a crazy man? I know, that’s what my friends say. Glenn, what are you doing with the crazy man Vince Vaughn? Yes. It’s great, isn’t it? I love it.”

So film students: pop in a copy of Old School, dust off the your copy of Arguing With Idiots, and get to work.

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