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/ November 14, 2012
Upstate College Kids Torture Students To Make Friends

In our efforts to bring you the finest NYU-related news, our Google Alerts are ever-vigilant for terms like “college” and “New York.” So even though these have nothing to do with NYU, we saw both of these stories and winced. At the University at Albany, eight college students were arrested in a frat hazing ritual that involved “submerging pledges’ faces in water and hitting them with paddles and rubber hoses.” The police said “the 14 victims also had cold water poured on their heads and were told to beg for mercy.”

Get this straight: This was a hazing ritual for fourteen pledges by an eight-person frat. They’d hire, what, three of them? (Hire? Accept? We don’t know the terms here.) Maybe it’s just super competitive?

Oh but it gets worse, upstate New York! At SUNY Geneseo, the entire women’s volleyball season was cancelled because of a crazy party. How crazy? “Eleven current and former members of the women’s volleyball team were charged with hazing six freshmen teammate during an off-campus party in September. Police say the freshmen were handcuffed, blindfolded and forced to drink large amounts of vodka.”

What’s with the blindfolds and handcuffs and water torture, NY public colleges? We’d be lying if we said torture hadn’t crossed our minds at parties, but it usually accompanies the thought “Well, she’s playing Mumford and Sons again.” Y’all been reading too much Fifty Shades or something. Look, we’re all about freaky, but sometimes state kids make us want to play Raffi tapes. Maybe since they don’t have our masochistic relationship with student debt, they feel a need to inflict torture on kids who want to be friends with them. (Although sadism is arguably about power and trust, and now you know we know that.) It’s not a good look. Anyway, happy Wednesday.

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