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/ October 2, 2012
The Worst Of The Best Political Ads This Election Season

October is the Month of Mud-Slinging. As we barrel into November, every political candidate seeking office—be it in the state capital, Congress or the White House—will be pulling out the last of what’s left in campaign PR bunkers. Personal attacks, credibility threats, patriotic skepticism – you name it, someone’s saying it with the most offensive tone possible in the form of a narrative-strung political ad. So to celebrate the start of the month, why not collect them all here for your viewing pleasure?

Before we continue, it’s essential to point out one thing. After Citizens United, everyone was worried about the existence and influence of the Super PAC, where gazillionaries can dump troves of cash into candidates’ pockets, on our democracy, and how American elections will devolve into battlegrounds for corporate entities to harvest upon. Well, that’s probably true … but, damn, can they make a good advertisement. Look at these:

1. New Morning (Campaign for American Values PAC – Mitt Romney): This woman is upset that Obama is “forcing gay marriage” upon her. So upset that now her breakfast is ruined. That’s not the change she voted for.

2. Decide (Allen West 2012): Where were you on February 16th, 2003? Rep. Allen West really, really wants to know.

3. Understands (Priorities USA SuperPAC – Obama): We’ll leave this one for you to digest in a room, alone and afraid.

4. Mitt Romney’s America (Priorities USA SuperPAC – Obama): This November…

5. Saved (Restore Our Future SuperPAC – Romney): Saving the economy, one daughter at a time.

6. Hey, Dad (Scott Brown 2012): Hey, America.

7. Basketball (Crossroads GPS SuperPAC – Romney): So that’s what a student loan looks like…

8. Now Is The Time For Action (Cain 2012): We miss and love you, Mr. Cain… so, so much.

9. Prairie Fire (Romney 2012): Mitt Romney, Firefighter-in-chief.

10. Firms (Obama 2012): And then there’s always this one.

Note: The best political ad is the worst political ad, hence the title. We hope you enjoyed these. Because we sure did.

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