FBI Looks Into Murder of Kentucky Census Worker

The FBI is investigating the hanging of a part-time Census worker as a possible hate crime motivated by anti-government sentiment. Bill Sparkman, a substitute teacher and temporary Census worker, was found hanged from a tree in rural Kentucky on September 12, “with the word ‘Fed’ scrawled across his chest.”

While neither the FBI nor the Census Bureau will confirm that the death was not a suicide, the Census Bureau has suspended its canvassing operations in the area. Also, the scrawling of “Fed” across the victim’s chest highly suggests this was no accident.

This is particularly concerning given the rise in anti-government activism since Obama took office. Even mainstream politicians have contributed to the frenzy, with Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachman (who you may remember calling for investigations of lawmakers’ alleged un-American-ness) connecting the decennial Census to the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. If Bill Sparkman’s death is found to be politically-motivated, there will be quite a bit of blame to pass around.


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  1. Jim Meale says

    Extreme lunatic fringe Republicans, right wing talk show hosts and their rabid anti-government listeners must go…..They are killing this country and all who don’t see it their way.