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Editor Biographies:

Ari Lipsitz (Editor-in-Chief) likes writing about politics and music. He coughs up an essay occasionally and can be found tweeting too much. He colonized gchat around 2010 and is immune to most antibiotics so say hi.

Jeremy Unger (Editor-in-Chief) studies Journalism, Politics, and Computer Science in CAS. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, he lives in the East Village, but still desperately clings to the notion that winter is supposed to be just a two-month excuse to wear a jacket and long pants. He has written for Gothamist, the New York ObserverEsquireand He also occasionally tweets.

Julia Berke (Photo Editor) likes photos. A lot. She also likes Tumblr, sometimes Twitter and Portra 120 NC. She hails from Long Island, is a Photoshop wizard, takes her coffee dark and sweet, and dreams of her Special Agent every night. She will take your picture and probably say something snarky while doing so. She does things at NYU, like Gallatin for the Spiritual Experience of Watching Film. Her bao of choice is the Birdhaus.

Connor Durkin (On Campus Editor) studies Broadcast Journalism and Psychology and interns for Out and City Harvest. He marathons Aubrey Plaza interviews at night then chugs black coffee during the day. His twitter used to be funny, but over time he lost his charm.

Helen Holmes (Entertainment Editor) is a sophomore majoring in American Studies in CAS, and currently is interning at Gothamist. She harbors deep obsessions with seltzer, Anne Sexton and mannish overcoats. She is a firm believer in journaling it out. Follow her blindly! Also here!

Sophie Kleeman (On Campus Editor) studies Journalism and Anthropology and interns for The New York Times Magazine. She was born in Australia and raised in New York, though she’ll still throw another shrimp on the barbie if you ask her to. She is a ginger and a proud Red Sox fan, and her interests include food, beards, and whiskey. You can follow her on Twitter here.

Joe Kozlowski (National Editor) likes sports. Although he swapped his English major for a Gallatin concentration in sports journalism, Vonnegut, Shakespeare, and Joyce are still his boys. He spent his freshman year in London supporting Arsenal F.C, likes hockey more than any non-Canadian should, and is a long-suffering K.C Chiefs fan despite having no ties to Kansas City whatsoever (thanks Dad). He tweets a moderate amount and currently writes for TDdaily and The New York Observer.

Jorge Morillo (Multimedia Editor) studies Video Art and Computer Science. He enjoys appropriating redneck culture.  He sometimes tweets about wearing camo pants, Betty Draper, and the New York Mets. He lives in Harlem with his mommy and two cats.

Maegan Vazquez (National Editor) majors in Journalism and Metropolitan Studies in CAS. Her work has been seen on,,, and the Drudge Report, among others. She’s paid her dues as an intern five times over, and now she’s a research assistant for a book about 2016 Republican presidential candidates. She laughs at politics, Texas, and the old men who trash her on message boards. Tweet her with your questions about her work or her dogs.

Claire Voon (City Editor) majors in Journalism and Art History. She interns at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and writes for The WILD Magazine. Her work has appeared in Gothamist, ARTnews Magazine, and the Prague Post. She tweets frequently, often about art or dead things, but some of her other favorite things include pancakes, whiskey, and portmanteaux. Don’t contact her about feetplease.

Kelly Weill (City Editor) hails from So-Far-Upstate-It’s-Basically-Canada, New York. By day she studies English and Journalism in CAS; by night she’s a student of Rachel Maddow and stir-fry tutorial videos. She writes for places like Gothamist and the New York Observer‘s Politicker blogShe will livetweet your birthday party.



  • Mike Borowski
    September 29, 2011

    Howdy. Where can I email a correction for a posted story? Thanks.

  • Katie Pulles
    October 20, 2011

    Who should I contact about re-using a photo used in one of your articles?

  • Bohan Leng
    November 7, 2011

    Hi is it possible to submit something to NYU Local? I am a NYU sophomore living on campus and I have something I want to share with our community!

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