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Helen Holmes and Kelly Weill (Editors-in-Chief)

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Eric Eidelstein (Editor)


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Peter Slattery (Editor)


Tyler Bray (Editor)

Emily Neuberger (Editor)


Em Watson (Editor)

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Editor Biographies:

Helen Holmes (Editor-in-Chief) reps American Studies with a Creative Writing minor in CAS, and lives to tell people off in iambic pentameter (in her head). She’s spun local news for Gothamist and tweets to kill.

Kelly Weill (Editor-in-Chief) is a senior studying English and Journalism in CAS. She’s covered politics for POLITICO, MSNBC, and the Observer, and is available to livetweet your birthday party.

Peter Slattery (City Editor) is a senior studying Media, Culture and Communications in Steinhardt. He enjoys writing about music, art and infrastructure. In his spare time you can find him walking around with a camera and probably spilling hot coffee on himself.

Tyler Bray (National Editor) is a junior studying Metropolitan Studies and French Literature. He’s rather proud of his artsy Instagram and enjoys making muffins of the news on Twitter.

Emily Neuberger (National Editor) is a senior studying Vocal Performance and Creative Writing. She’s also the Editor-in-Chief of He For She at NYU, wants to pet every dog in the world, and cares too much about Instagram.