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/ December 16, 2013
NYU Secrets Launches Platform To Showcase Student Talent

It’s hard to stand out at NYU, especially when students regularly launch apps, perform live gigs with their bands, and sign modeling contracts. But thanks to the creator of NYU Secrets, your 15 minutes of fame could arrive sooner than you might think.

The NYU Secrets administrator announced the launch of NYU Secrets: Hidden Talents, a platform designed to showcase talented NYU students who excel in art, athletics, technology, and other fields, on Sunday night.

“Every day, I read so many secrets,” NYU Secrets’ administrator told NYU Local in an interview. “These people are so much more than their secrets, but that’s all the university sees. The person struggling with depression might also be an amazing artist. The person who can’t afford another semester might one day win a Nobel Prize in chemistry.”

NYU Secrets: Hidden Talents is currently hosted on Tumblr, but will eventually move to Students can nominate members of the NYU student body or themselves in six categories: Movement, Community, Music, Future (for achievements in technology and business), Visual Arts, and Words.

Selected submissions will be posted on both the Tumblr and the NYU Secrets page. In order to keep the community centralized, there won’t be a separate Facebook page for NYU Secrets: Hidden Talents.

“I originally wanted to start posting on January 1, 2014, but with the response I’m getting in terms of submissions, it might be earlier,” the administrator said.

The announcement was made on Facebook at 9 p.m. Ninety minutes later, the status update had 586 likes and 48 comments. The administrator had already begun receiving nominations, and the Tumblr had 174 followers.

“NYU tends to feel very disjointed at times,” said William Burnett Jackson, Tisch ’17. “This seems like a great way to build a strong community and create a good atmosphere for anyone, no matter what their skills.”

The page’s ability to highlight student accomplishments comes as a much-needed support system, according to one anonymous Steinhardt senior.

“I know that every year, Washington Square News comes out with an article that shows the most influential students at NYU, but that’s not good enough,” she said. “I have friends who are destined for great things who will never be recognized by the majority of students. I think this is the perfect platform to show people what NYU is made of.”

While the majority of comments on the announcement are positive, some felt that the announcement of NYU Secrets: Hidden Talents was a disappointment.

“I think that s/he had a good thing going with NYU Secrets, but it seems like it’s being convoluted by things that aren’t really related, almost as if s/he’s trying to commercialize it,” said Gianna Salmas, CAS ’16. “I don’t really buy the whole ‘I’m doing it for the community’ thing.”

For a school that’s often criticized for its lack of community, we’re hardly lacking one online. Between NYU Secrets, NYU Memes, NYU Crushes, and NYU Hook-Ups, will NYU Secrets: Hidden Talents get lost in the shuffle?

“You are going to see lots of posts similar to the NYU Compliments page,” said Carlos Buitrago, CAS ’14, who guessed earlier this weekend that the administrator might launch a website.

Learn how to submit a nomination here.

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