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/ December 9, 2013
Local Eats PSA: There’s A Krispy Kreme At Penn Station In Case You Weren’t Aware

Despite the onslaught of “specialty artisan” doughnuts there remains one unlike the others. The original donut of your dreams: Krispy Kreme. Anyone who is anyone who has had a Krispy Kreme doughnut and understands that there is no higher state of donut ecstasy to be experienced. And the fact that Krispy Kreme seems to not have as many franchises as it should (Dunkin’ Donuts hit 500 in New York last week!) makes the experience all the more elusively sacrilegious.

Alas, of all the incredible things New York has to offer, it only has one Krispy Kreme. But one Krispy Kreme is better than no Krispy Kreme. This one Krispy Kreme is discreetly hidden in the depths of Penn Station – and if you pay too much attention to the Tim Hortons you could easily miss it. So in case you didn’t know, now you know. Nevertheless, it’s there and we can imagine no better food to consume in these times of rampant stress.

Unfortunately, the most perfect donuts in the world (glazed) are also the most popular donuts and if your timing isn’t right they may be very well sold out as they were when we went. Fortunately, Krispy Kreme makes a respectable variety of other donuts comparable in essence to Dunkin Donuts, but incomparable in flavor. Whereas Dunkin’s doughnuts have an overall soft texture Krispy Kreme has a crusty outer shell that hides a soft and yeasty interior. This same hard outer sugar shell also serves as a preservative so in the case you don’t eat the entire dozen in the same day they will preserve relatively well until the next morning.

In other noteworthy doughnut commentary, the seasonal red velvet cake doughnuts are quite good. They taste remarkably like red food coloring, but in a really good way. The powdered strawberry jelly filled ones are also spectacular and filled with jelly made with 0% real fruit which is honestly just what a jelly donut should be made with. No fancy seasonal jam flavors here. And the closest you can get to a glazed doughnut without it being a glazed doughnut is the cinnamon bun doughnut which is all sorts of glorious.

With our $9 dozen donuts we also received a coupon pamphlet promising six separate occasions of free donuts with no purchase necessary and a seventh special occasion of two dozen glazed donuts for the price of one (assuming they have two dozen glazed donuts). The offer is seasonal, so if six free donuts of your choice is something you’re into we recommend going soon.

Sorry cronuts, but you ain’t got nothing on Krispy Kreme – at least not until Dominique can combine a cinnamon roll and doughnut as masterfully. Or even just make a straight up plain glazed donut. In the meantime, at least we have one Krispy Kreme with which to console our finals week and/or all the time sorrows.

Krispy Kreme is located at 2 Penn Plaza, near NJ Transit when you get off the ACE.