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/ September 6, 2013
Your 13-Year-Old Sister Reviews One Direction’s Concert Movie This Is Us

Hey Directioners! Thanks so much for reading my fan Tumblr. I just watched This Is Us, the One Direction 3D concert movie, and IT WAS AMAZING. I had so many feels. 1D has been my favorite band practically forever, since their first single “What Makes You Beautiful” came out in 2011, so I thought the movie was a really profound spiritual experience that brought me even closer to my five favorite boys!


The movie starts out with a montage of the 1D boys’ baby photos, which is perfect, because now I have an even better idea of what our children will look like. True Directioners love all five boys like family, but every girl has their special favorite. Mine is Harry Styles. I love him so much because he’s so funny and charming and confident. If he was in eighth grade with me, he’d definitely win Class Clown or Most Popular in the yearbook. He’s also totally gorgeous and has flowing, chestnut brown curls and my mom says he looks like this other guy named Mick Jagger.

This Is Us is all about how One Direction deals with international superstardom. We get to watch them record music, go on tour, pull pranks, interact with thousands of screaming fans, and hang out with their families. It also shows their rise to fame three years ago when they all auditioned individually for X Factor. I think it’s so inspiring that they were all just normal kids before they got famous. None of them were super rich. And what’s so crazy is that they didn’t even win X Factor and yet they’re still the most famous band in the world.

At one point, Louis is like, “I was never a massive fan of boy bands before I was in one.” LOL. I’m definitely going to reblog that GIF when I find it on Tumblr.

My favorite part of the movie was all the concert scenes. I’m so jealous because my friend Sophie got tickets for her 13th birthday but my mom said that $400 was too expensive, so I couldn’t go with her. But if I can’t be in the actual, physical presence of 1D, This Is Us is a close second; you get to hear all their best hits. (“Kiss You” is my current favorite song. What’s yours?) There are shots of them singing at Madison Square Garden and all over Europe and even Japan. There are so many close-ups and the boys are so beautiful (except for Liam, whose head is kind of a weird shape, don’t you think?). I wonder what hair products Niall uses, because he’s definitely mastered that whole “I don’t put any effort into my hair, but doesn’t it look flawless?” look.

Speaking of flawless, did you see the many, many shirtless scenes? OMG. You could even get a glimpse of Harry’s third nipple, which my friends say is weird, but they’re Beliebers, so what do they know?

I could never be disappointed by anything One Direction does, but I was a little sad they didn’t include any commentary on their relationships. Like, for example, Zayn just got engaged (!!!!!) to his longtime girlfriend Perrie Edwards, a member of the girl band Little Mix. Zayn is Sophie’s absolute favorite and she was so upset when she found out that she spent the entire day tweeting love haikus at him and sobbing. I mean, she was ecstatic that he found true love, but now what does she have to look forward to? Zayn will never be hers. I get where she’s coming from. I felt that way when Harry was dating Taylor Swift, but I got over it once they broke up. It would have been really interesting to get the inside scoop on their relationships, but Directioners should respect the boys’ privacy.

It was really sad to watch the interviews with 1D’s parents. The band is so busy that their parents never get to see them. Liam’s mom even bought a life-sized cardboard cut-out of her son that she keeps in his childhood bedroom, which is actually pretty creepy. And Louis’s dad talked about all the bonding he missed out on because his son his away from home all the time. Zayn’s mom cried when he bought her a fancy house.

Seeing how busy the boys are almost makes me want them to take some time off from recording and touring. They should go home! Spend time with family and friends! But whatever they do, their third album needs to be ready in time for Christmas. I can’t wait for their new music!

That’s all for now, guys. Make sure to follow me on Twitter (@FutureMrsStyles13) for more thoughts on 1D! xoxo

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