Keith Urban Is The Best Judge On American Idol (Potentially Ever)

When FOX first revealed who the judges would be for the twelfth season of American Idol, we were very intrigued. They’d have Mariah Carey, best-selling female artist of all time; Nicki Minaj, quadruple-platinum singer, songwriter, rapper and fashion icon; Randy Jackson, Grammy Award-winning producer who’s been with Idol since the beginning; and Keith Urban, that Australian country singer who’s been around for a while, we guess.

By the time January came around and Idol was set to premiere, we had completely forgotten about Urban. The Internet had been buzzing with news of Nicki and Mariah feuding: First, TMZ released a video of Nicki cussing out Mariah on set, and then Mariah told The View‘s Barbara Walters that Nicki had threatened to shoot her. So when the show premiered, we tuned in with hopes of watching the two divas devour each other. Unfortunately, the feuding turned out to be quite underwhelming. But much to our surprise, Keith Urban proved to be the most endearing and entertaining Idol judge of all.

Keith especially won us over during the auditions in Baton Rouge, LA — but also a bit in Charlotte, NC. Here are the five reasons why Keith Urban is the best Idol judge of season 12.

1. Keith Urban is surprisingly sexy.

There hasn’t been recurring male eye candy on the Idol judges’ table since season 9, Simon Cowell’s last season. But luckily for us, Keith has filled that void. We’re not sure whether it’s his Australian accent, poorly concealed tattoos, or long, wispy blonde hair, but something about Keith is just extremely sexy.

2. Keith Urban isn’t afraid to have some fun

While Nicki babbles about vocal terms that she probably knows nothing about, Mariah sits stiff as a board and comments minimally, and Randy just does his same old thing, Keith keeps the energy up. He dances with contestants while they’re singing, pokes fun at the other judges, and even got so excited one time that he spilled a drink on Nicki.

3. Keith Urban takes his job seriously and gives great criticism. 

Yes, Keith can goof off and have fun, but at the end of the day, this is his job. And even though he reportedly makes significantly less than his Idol counterparts, Keith gets down to business better than the rest of them.

4. If you bite Keith Urban, Keith Urban will bite back.

One time, in Charlotte, a contestant thought it would be okay to say that she “did the country thing” but was now onto other kinds of music. This did not sit well with Keith. “I always get thrown when people say ‘I did the country thing,'” he responded. “It’s like saying, ‘I did the brain surgeon thing.’ It’s like, either you’re a brain surgeon, or you’re not.” Ouch.

5. Finally, Keith Urban won’t hesitate to remind you who he’s married to. 

Female contestants love to flirt with Keith, but if they cross the line, he just points to the ring. Who is Keith married to again? Oh, that’s right: Academy Award-winning actress and all-around all-star Nicole Kidman. Bam.

Nicki and Mariah, who? Keith Urban is the best judge on season 12 of American Idol.

[All images are screenshots from American Idol's official YouTube channel.]


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  1. Sherry Craven says

    I am a long-time fan of Keith Urban and have never been a fan of American Idol. He is the reason I am watching this year. He is smart, talented and humble. He probably knows more about music than the rest of the panel put together, although he does not read music. His talent is a gift. He plays multiple instruments, writes his own material and is a fantastic guitarist. He is also the best entertainer I have ever seen. I am hoping that many more people learn about Keith Urban and his music. Anybody who thinks Keith Urban is your granny’s country needs to go to one of his shows.

  2. Joy Thompson says

    Keith Urban appears to be a warm, genuinely interested judge on American Idol. I like his approach to each contestant whether it is complimentary or constructive criticism. Likewise, Randy Jackson seems to really CARE about the contestants. He listens attentively and offers excellent advice.

    If you can overlook the adolescent behavior of the two women towards each other, I believe Mariah Carey’s background and experience provides her with a weatlth of knowledge that she is willing to share.

    Then there is Nicki Minaj…..WHO? Nicki has proven night after night what her priority is: her HAIR! I cannot believe how many times she touched, pulled, patted or tugged on her hair. She checked it while talking. She checked it when others were talking, making her hair obsession an effective scene stealer.

    The antics of Miss Minaj are affecting the overall appeal of American Idol ….at least to me. I’d be interested in hearing some feedback on this.

  3. Deb L. says

    If the ratings are up higher this year, it is because of Keith Urban. No other judge on that panel can even touch his background as a singer/songwriter. His ability to play many instruments is phenominal, especially the guitar. His fans are very dedicated to him, and I am proud to be one of them. Been following Keith since 2004 and you will not find a more humble man in this world. He is also a dedicated father to 2 beautiful daughters and husband to Nicole Kidman. As far as the 2 females, they can just go home because they do not even know how to give advise, unless it was on hair. Randy, how can you not love him. He does know his stuff, but cannot compare the advise that he gives to Keith’s advise. Most of the time, he just agrees with Keith. I hope next season I do not have to look at those 2 females on the panel and they are replaced with some who can give real advise to contestants.

  4. says

    Exactly! Besides all about him, He is totally and surprisingly sexy! its his attitude, the way he talks, he moves… he smiles… so manly
    And it is a surprise because in the pics with Nicole you can not see that, and he is not very photogenic so… never expect that hotness
    He looks so much better in television!

    So I can say: Now I understand why Nicole married him! lucky girl.
    Beautiful couple.

    PD. I just watch the show because of him. I can’t help it