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/ December 21, 2012
Our Super Official Holiday Mixtape Round-Up

Everyone knows that the best part about the holidays is Holiday music. The second best part about the holidays? New Holiday Music! There’s even Holiday Music for people who don’t like Holiday Music! There’s no getting around it: it’s the most wonderful time of the year. So, here’s a list of the most wonderful holiday mixtapes to blast while hanging out with your family and stuff.

The Livest XXXMas Vol. 2: Christmapocalypse

Ok, look: This author may or may not have something to do with this mixtape. But that’s not the point. The point is that this is the second volume of the critically acclaimed Livest XXXMas series that features music composed on computers by people just like you and me. These guys have everything! They have rap music. They have rock and roll. They have creepy holiday soundscapes. Just download it already.

Miles and Jamie’s Christmas Cringle Vol. 2

Last year, two dudes from Brooklyn named Miles and Jamie made some Santa-sized waves with their Christmas Cringle mixtape. Their songs are predominantly composed of icicle synths, gumdrop beats, and sugary sweet doo wop lollipop gingerbread vocals. When combined, this is lethal combination is sure to return even the most humbugginest scrooge to the magic of Christmas. Download here.

Sufjian Stevens: Chopped and Scrooged

Everyone loves holiday music, but no one loves it more than Sufjian Stevens. Dude released a five disc box set of Christmas tunes a few weeks ago, and more recently he released the Chopped and Scrooged mixtape as a boom bap victory lap. This mixtape goes hard. Featured rappers include Heems, Busdriver, Nicky Da B, Kitty Pride and more. Download here. 

Goin Hood 4 The Holidays: Hip-Hop Christmas

If the above options are not mainstream nor hood enough for you, well there’s always the garden variety of DatPiff compilations. This one is new, and it’s the best. All the classics are here, from “Christmas In Hollis” to “Player’s Ball” to Eazy-E’s “Merry Muthafuckin’ Christmas.” You’ll have to create an account if you want to download, which is pretty annoying, but anyone can stream it anytime for free, so in that sense Christmas cheer prevails. Check it out.

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