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/ December 4, 2012
Tuesday Track: Le1f – “Soda”

Remember the whole Diet Coke and Mentos thing? When two Chem teacher types blew all their money on soda and candy to make a video so radical it was imitated in parking lots across America? Yeah, well savvy New York rapper-producer Le1f had the brains to appropriate the same approach in his new video for “Soda” and the results are explosive (we had to).

Le1f is no stranger to the viral video. The visuals from his irresistibly twerk-inducing banger “Wut” from last summer’s still awesome Dark York mixtape singlehandedly rocketed Le1f to Webwide buzzdom. “Soda” demonstrates the rapper is giving himself a run for his own money. The most pop-friendly track off his new Liquid EP with like-minded and frequent collaborator Boody, “Soda” is straight out of The Jetsons, if the Jetsons had vogue-ing, flamboyant rappers with purple braids.

Le1f has shown a knack for crafting the kind of minimal grammar, maximalist swag hooks and verses that do not come unstuck from the head easily. Over an ecosystem of a beat from his buddy Boody layered in bubbling textures, popping rhythms of the Diplo variety, and throbbing deep water 808’s, our hero’s vocals slink and slither about like some kind of smooth-talking anaconda. You know, the slick, seductive ones that can morph into slick, seductive men whenever they please. When his voice slides by, it’s enough to make you want to stroke those scales.

To accompany a track as sui generis as this one, the video’s got to have a Vulcan grip on cool, and the video for “Soda” doesn’t disappoint. Orange fuzzy outfits. Mountain Dew Baptismal rituals. Dudes dancing in the most stylish plastic shirts money can by. This is what music in 2012 is all about.