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/ December 3, 2012
We Examined The Girls Season 2 Trailer So You Don’t Have To

Ever since Girls Season 1 ended we have been waiting, hearing news of guest stars alongsgide completely unnecessary real-life comparisons from friends and acquaintances. (Yes we go to NYU and so does Shoshanna, but no, you don’t have to call your Bushwick warehouse party “The Crackcident” or otherwise remark on how similar our life is to the show.)

Last season ended by placing all of Girls‘s girls in completely unfamiliar places. Hannah is now single and, now that Marnie has moved out of the apartment they shared, living with her (now gay) ex-boyfriend Elijah. Shoshanna is in the stablest relationship of all the characters although Jessa is now also happily married. Marnie is single and directionless. All three male leads — Adam, Charlie, and Ray — grew from one-dimensional characters to human beings we actually care for. With all the events and character development that took place last season, it’s interesting to think of where the show will go in the next one.

Luckily, Girls comes back in January, and the trailer for Season 2 came out on Friday.  It was exciting to see the faces we’ve come to love, the trailer was a bit static, and moved very fast. We watched it frame by frame, scene by scene, and if the Ellie Goulding song in the background is to believed we know that “anything can happen,” but we watched pretty carefully so this is what it looks like is going to happen.

0:00 — 0:13 : Elijah and Hannah are in their apartment where they get to hang out in their pajamas and hooded sleeping bags, respectively, as they watch a video of Hannah’s recent ex-boyfriend Adam shirtlessly playing a sad guitar song (that he sent to her via Gmail! And she uses Safari…hmmm). “This is what happens when you break up with a sociopath,” Hannah says. “This opens up space in my life for the kind, sexy, responsible boyfriend that I’ve always wanted but never had.” Which leads to…

0:14 : …Hannah kissing Donald Glover.

0:16 : And also Patrick Wilson (twice).

0:17 : Then she kisses somebody with a beard and a hat… Lenny Kravitz?

0:21 : Shoshanna wears a hat with a veil at a party, sees Ray. She says “I may be deflowered, but I am not devalued,” Shoshanna and Ray kiss mega-romantically (like with a dip and everything).

0:27 : Marnie’s mom tells her she looks thirty and Marnie almost chokes on her fancy outdoor dining shrimp.

0:31 : Marnie looks on spitefully as Charlie hangs out with a girl with a headband going across her forehead, complains about her life to Ray and Shoshanna as they hang out together in bed real cute and also confidently.

0:38 : Jessa continues to be married to Chris O’Dowd’s uncomfortably weird/angry/awesome Thomas-John (remember?), seems very free-spirited and happy about it, tells Hannah she’s overthinking things. Hannah has a dog with her.

0:47 : Adam has a dog but it’s not as fluffy as Hannah’s, he continues to be infatuated with Hannah, kind of stalks her, is still in love with her although she’s not having it (although they are in bed together at one point and he is shirtless but does Adam being shirtless even mean anything anymore? ).

1:11 : Marnie tells Charlie she doesn’t even know what she wants (Marnie quote: “I don’t even know what I want”).

1:18 Marnie goes to a weird convention or dinner or something where she is wearing fashionable shorts and suspenders. Several other people are wearing suspenders, but that is not the actual point because last season’s over-the-top intimidating love interest Booth Jonathan (a bearded Jorma Taccone) is there in a suit and then they are shown walking home together and and are later seen in a bed.

1:24 : Hannah dances.

1:26 : Hannah dances with Elijah at a party. There are glowsticks there!

1:27 : Hannah and Jessa ride in a car and laugh with two unfamiliar males.

1:28 : Ray and Adam ride the ferry together because beautiful New York.

also 1:28 : Hannah on a picnic again.

1:30 : Jessa and Hannah hang out together in the bathtub because that is what girls do.

1:31 : Hannah eats some cake in an apartment while Charlie, Shoshanna, and Ray all sit around the dinner table and watch with their Mason jars full of wine.

1:32 : Hannah exercise-dances in an outfit that is awkwardly similar to the outfit of the older woman in the exercise-dance video.

1:33 : Hannah and Elijah laugh.

1:34 : More of the glowstick party.

1:37 : Hannah slaps her chest as a primal symbol of being alive even though Marnie doesn’t like her yellow mesh shirt.

1:43 : Marnie and Elijah kiss.

also 1:43 Jessa punches Thomas-John in the face.

1:44 : Hannah jumps up and down at glowstick party ANNND SCENE.

Having just watched a trailer that crams such a large amount of images into such a short time, here are our predictions for the coming season of Girls: Hannah will continue seeing Adam when she is bored but somehow remain not completely charmed by his shirtlessness. Adam will become closer friends with Ray in his attempts to get back with Hannah. Jessa will stay in her weird, free-spirited marriage because that is how free-spirited she is. Marnie will move back in with her mother or at least suffer a lot through interacting with her because Marnie doesn’t have a job or live with her best friend anymore. Plus, she has to deal with a lot of destructive relationship issues and has pretty much become the least popular girl on the show. Shoshanna will reign as most successful of the girls. Which is cool because Shoshanna goes to NYU so Shoshanna is totally us so it’s like we are the most successful girls!

Aside from the images, the trailer has a few voice-overs that say a lot of different things, but one in particular is Jessa saying to Hannah, “Life is never gonna get any better than this for you.” Can life get better than eating cake, wearing mesh shirts, and sitting in the bathtub with your best friends? These are questions that can maybe get answered by Girls Season 2.

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