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/ November 30, 2012
Want To Be An Individualized Rapper? Gallatin Adds Arts Workshop On Rapping To Spring Courses

These days, it seems like everyone and everything wants to be a rapper, with no shortage of documentation of both the good and the bad available on the Web. For the Spring 2013 semester, Gallatin has added a new Arts Workshop titled “Microphone Fiends: Hip Hop and Spoken Word”, hoping to capitalize on this kind of interest.

According to a course description, students in the workshop will “research, write, record, produce and perform original work and the verse of inspiring underground wordsmiths,” while also taking a critical look at texts from the Harlem Renaissance, the Black Arts Movement and the Beat Generation, as well as “the Hip Hop Generation we are shaping here and now.”

The course will be taught by Bryonn Bain, a Harvard Law School graduate who has also previously conducted the course at Harvard among other campuses (see video above). You may know Bryonn from his award-winning BET talk show My Two Cents. Oh yeah, and he was a Nuyorican Grand Slam Poetry Champion, once ranked #1 in the nation and placed second in the world during the 2000 International Poetry Slam. This guy is a legend.

Any students looking for a last minute course to add are encouraged to enroll, but must first be accepted by the professor based on their application, a 2-3 minute video performance either of an original or a “classic” piece, as well as a brief statement from the prospective student. All students interested can contact Professor Bain at [email protected]

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