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/ November 28, 2012
Does Ke$ha’s Sophomore Album Live Up To Its Bold Title, Warrior?

We have long awaited for the return of the glitter queen Ke$ha. With the recent online leak of her sophomore LP, Warrior, we wondered if the Glitter Queen could live up to our expectations. It is also in question whether or not Ke$ha can compete with pop female singers such as Rihanna, who recently released Unapologetic. Earlier this year, Ke$ha gave us a taste of her new album by releasing the single “Die Young,” which skyrocketed to popularity.

Although she refers to her fans as “animals” and often has trouble completing a sentence in interviews without appearing to be on drugs, does Ke$ha have the sanity to get to the top of the charts with this album? Likewise, Ke$ha has also revealed that The Black Keys, Iggy Pop and members of The Strokes will feature on this release. Will these rock legend partnerships effectively help Ke$ha build success or only hurt her in the end?

The second single off Warrior is entitled “C’Mon” and it is sure to be another chart-topper from Ke$ha, due to its general bombastic nature. Likewise, the song “Supernatural” has a powerful beat, which is necessary for Ke$ha so she can unleash her inner glitter demons and subsequently film an eye-candy music video. However, the album does give Ke$ha the opportunity to demonstrate her vocal skills that some people may be unaware of. First, let us say that Ke$ha is no Beyonce. Ke$ha does not have the voice of an angel that can cut through a room. Then again, for Ke$ha’s typical autotuned music with which most of her fans have a familiar relationship, the song “Crazy Kids” puts her vocal range on display.

Ke$ha’s previously shrouded vocals are again unleashed, Joan Jett-style, on the collaboration with Iggy Pop titled “Dirty Pop.”  The song offers a catchy melody and a duet that will make you want to jump out of your seat and whip your hair back and forth. The song is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s exercising at the gym or cleaning your room. The song delivers a nugget of gold with two raspy voices. The rock-influence is an unexpected plus to the pop singer’s repertoire.

Before you buy this album, however, I suggest you buy the deluxe edition, which features four additional tracks that include “Gold Trans Am.” The song begins with Ke$ha saying that “This song makes me wanna have sex in my car.” What could honestly be better than that? Thank you, Ke$ha, for giving us the most impressive music to take shots to.

People may criticize Ke$ha for her “classy with a k” type personality or for her lack of technical talent, but she is one of the most savvy people in the music industry right now. She knows how to effectively market and brand herself. With that, Ke$ha has found her niche in the music industry. Her music may be generic pop music, but there’s an edginess and raw quality behind it. Ke$ha’s knowledge of her demographic has allowed her music to prosper, as she directly embraces in this new album what her fans want to hear. Trends and patterns in music come and go, but Ke$ha has been able to keep up with her audience by giving the youth culture what they want.

In fact, other singers in the pop music industry, such as Nicki Minaj, could gain insight from Ke$ha. While both female artists have received similar criticism and feedback, Ke$ha more effectively absorbs skills for improvement. Meanwhile, when confronted with criticism, Minaj acts like she’s on an episode of The Bad Girls Club. Therefore, I will go ahead and say that Warrior is the pregaming album of the year. Ke$ha’s artistic persona and pregaming go hand in hand, anyways, so it’s only natural that her new album will be a success amongst Skinny Girl Margarita-loving youth.

Ke$ha delivers with Warrior. This album is exactly what we needed from Ke$ha. It delivers all type of music influences, ranging from pop to rock to dance, but integrates the different styles into one fluid sound that screams “LET’S RAGE.” The music acts as a perfect distraction during finals for a quick impromptu dance party in Bobst.

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