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/ October 23, 2012
NYC Comedy For the Under-21 Crowd

Louie may be the ultimate New York show, and also the kind of thing you want to be watching on Netflix Instant right now, but neither of those facts change that, if you aren’t 21, you probably can’t see him perform stand-up — unless you were lucky enough to snag a ticket for one of his fourteen sold-out shows this month at New York City Center.

The Comedy Cellar on MacDougal St — famous from the show’s opening, and also a frequent haunt for Louis CK IRL — is a place you can never go to unless you are lucky enough to be over 21. Life is rough, but you don’t have to be bitter until your 21st birthday (or until you find a good fake). Take a look right here at some of the places in New York that let you laugh no matter what age you are.


Also known as “the other place where Louie does stand-up” in his show, Caroline’s on Broadway is happy to let in those of us who haven’t turned 21 yet. Upcoming shows include familiar faces like Tracy Morgan, Richard Lewis, The Wayans Brothers and also yes, Tom Green. The Times Square venue also produces the New York Comedy Festival, which will bring all-star comedians like Aziz Ansari and Patton Oswalt to New York and all-star Twitter guy Rob Delaney to our very own Skirball Center.


If you’re not in the mood for stand-up comedy, you might want to go check out some sketch and improv at Upright Citizen’s Brigade. Brought to New York by Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, and Matt Walsh in the nineties, the UCB provides classes for comedians interested in sketch and improv, and provides audience members with numerous shows per night – all for $8 or less (often free!). The shows are worth it, especially considering how many of your favorite comedic actors are either UCB members or alums. If you live in the East Village and don’t wanna trek up to the main location in Chelsea, you can always check out UCBeast over on East 3rd St.


Like UCB, People’s Improv Theater also hosts classes on the comedic arts, teaching students how to improvise, write, and do comedy as business. They also do shows, and most of them cost less than ten dollars. Located on 24th St between Park and Lexington, The PIT lets you support the comedic education of fellow humans while also supporting your soul because it wants to laugh.

Comic Strip

For those more interested in stand-up–and also willing to go uptown–you might want to check out The Comic Strip on 2nd Ave between 81st and 82nd Street. Historically, the club played an important role in the early careers of important comedy stars like Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and Jerry Seinfeld, and more recently it is host to a lot of younger comedians – but also still Jerry Seinfeld.


Louie fans might also recognize EastVille Comedy Club as the place where Louie goes to do a quick last-minute set after a rough night where his daughters’ babysitter cries at him. Open mics like the one Louie partakes in happen every weeknight, and there is no cover–only a one-drink minimum (and non-alcoholic counts!).

Midterms are over and you deserve a laugh, even if you can’t quite buy a drink yet. Legally, that is.

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