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/ September 19, 2012
Colm Dillane, Streetwear Designer and NYU Junior, Prepares For His Store Opening

A vintage snapback rested on Colm Dillane’s curly blonde hair when NYU Local met the NYU junior at Think Coffee. He didn’t expand on the hat’s aesthetics (perfectly trendy, it could have been sold at the Opening Ceremony). Instead, he praised its snug fit – a kind of comfort that he believes is hard to find in companies these days. In fact, he is using the hat as a fitting sample for his young streetwear clothing company, Kid Super.

Dillane describes the rest of his outfit: an aged t-shirt from the (now-defunct) streetwear brand Clientele; a boot supporting his broken left foot.

“It’s Armani,” he jokes.

Despite the similarities Dillane has to a Z-boys skater team member from “Lords of Dogtown,” and the jokes he cracks about not taking himself too seriously (“I need an intern”), the math major and NYU soccer team “Rookie of the Year” understands how to manage an entire company by himself.

Combining playful patterns with solid graphic tees, Kid Super’s collection ranges from hats and booty shorts to sweatshirts to tanks. The idea behind Kid Super began when Dillane wanted to create a brand inspired by the optimism and goofiness of being a kid. The brand continues to grow and experiment with whimsical designs made of bright, eye-catching details.

Dillane’s commitment to his philosophy of creating items that can’t be bought elsewhere is what really sets Kid Super apart from other streetwear brands.

“I never liked how the brand makes the design, rather than the design making the brand,” he said about high-fashion brands. “I would make some crazy print parachute pants … MC Hammer pants.”

Kid Super is primarily an online store that ships worldwide, but Dillane recalls selling his items to a unnamed store on one occasion. His hats sold out within the hour. Though he joked about needing an assistant, he added quickly that he doesn’t take himself seriously enough to boss other people around.

Dillane has been working on opening the first Kid Super store in Williamsburg, and wants the store to feel the exact opposite of the pretentious Supreme store in Soho.

“When you walk into [Supreme], you feel like an asshole ‘cause you’re not cool enough in their eyes,” he says.

In the plans for the Kid Super store is a couch where shoppers can relax and talk as they browse the button-downs, hats, and t-shirts. He and another employee have been painting the place – even with that boot on his foot – and continue daily to add graffiti to the walls.

“It would be like a hub for creativity in New York City,” Dillane says of the place.

While painting the store walls, his fellow painter taught Dillane “the Dominican way” to drink beer: Pour clamato – a tomato and clam juice – into a Heinken. Both insist it’s incredible.

“At the store opening, there’s going to be Heineken and clamato, only,” Dillane says.

Kid Super’s third collection is premiering at the store opening on Oct. 20. Dillane has scheduled three up-and-coming rappers to perform, and promises an evening barbecue in the backyard.

There’s no doubt in our minds that Dillane will be added to the ever-growing list of Future Most Notable NYU Alumni. The upcoming store opening is only the start of his many inevitable successes.

Photos by Julia Berke.