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/ April 20, 2012
Dear NYU, Please Host A Party Weekend Like These Other Colleges

It remains a mystery why NYU does not provide students with a party weekend. We are forced to travel to foreign lands to attend other university-organized spring weekends filled with concerts, day carnivals and debauchery with fellow classmates. Sorry, Program Board, but the gluttonous Strawberry Festival doesn’t count – it’s way too innocent.

But really, we’ve hardly dabbled in the newly-renovated Washington Square Park. It needs some shaking up, some vibrant energy from thousands of students at once, some more history!

Until then, students must feign the concept of becoming a frat bro/party girl at other colleges, which host annual springtime festivities devoid of city life. And on certain weekends at certain colleges, sometimes that lifestyle can be pretty fun. If you want to escape the city for one last weekend before finals week vacuums your soul, or if you want to celebrate the end of the semester with keg stands and blackouts, then call up your high school friends who go to these colleges and awkwardly ask to stay with them for their schools’ crazy party weekends.

Indiana University’s “Little 500” – A weeklong celebration of parties and concerts accompanies the legendary bicycle race around the school. “I’ve attended Super Bowls, World Series and the Monaco Grand Prix,” Lance Armstrong told Sports Illustrated. “But the coolest event I’ve ever attended was the Little 500.” Mac Miller, Afrojack, Tiesto and Sublime with Rome are some of the week’s performers. April 16-22.

CU Boulder’s 4/20 – Watching YouTube videos of the students smoking in the quad last year at 4:20pm on 4/20 may even get you contact high. April 20.

Tulane’s Crawfest – Bands like “The Soul Rebels” and “Los Po-Boy-Citos” are playing at the New Orleans campus, which will host Southern food vendors like Creole Cupcakes as well. Basking in the Southern culture and sun, this event looks really awesome. April 21.

Yale’s Spring Fling – With T-Pain, Passion Pit and 3LAU performing, there’s a little something for almost everyone. It is unclear whether Yale students party as hard as those from the latter schools, but we’re a short train ride away from living out your Ivy League dreams. April 24.

Syracuse’s Mayfest/Block Party – The all-day event provides free beer, food and live music. Kaskade and the Cold War Kids, who are both playing at night, seem like they can evoke some pretty intense debauchery. April 27.

Cornell’s Slope Day – In honor of their last week of classes, Cornell is going to have the chillest weekend, bro. Taio Cruz is scheduled to perform in a lineup that includes the Neon Trees. For a few hours, frat houses will probably be too busy listening to Taio Cruz perform live than to blast his overplayed songs at their crazy ragers. May 4.

Darthmouth’s Green Key Weekend – Although still being in school by this time sounds miserable, the weekend’s festivities sound like a full-blown summer party. Past weekends have featured piano-smashing concerts, chariot races, barbecues and performances by Talib Kweli and Shaggy, among others. May 19.

Northwestern’s Dillo Day – Though this festival will occur long after NYU’s last set of finals, Steve Aoki’s performance will be an energizing way to help initiate summer and be thankful to come back to New York City in the fall. May 26.

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