Asian Fetish Or “Yellow Fever” Is Causing A Stir At NYU

Have you gotten your yellow fever shot yet? No, not that yellow fever. The other one, the one that’s currently taking this country by storm. Apparently Asian and Caucasian interracial couples are the most common interracial couple in America, and um, even our timekeeper recently let slip that he likes the “oriental girls.” So what do NYU students think of “yellow fever?” We took to the campus to find out.

“It’s a trend! It’s everywhere you go!” exclaims T*, an Asian female philosophy student. “I was with someone who I thought was totally normal, until I realized that every one of his ex-girlfriends was Asian.”

Needless to say, T’s personal experiences with “yellow fever,” also lovingly known as “Asian fetish,” have not been entirely positive. In fact, she says, “It’s really disturbing. It’s not like they’re genuinely interested in your culture.”

T admits that she does prefer dating Caucasian guys, but rejects the ones who only date Asians. In fact, she argues that many Caucasian guys find Asian girls intriguing only because they like to dominate their partners. “They… have masculinity issues,” she adds. “The stereotype of the Asian girl is like the ideal woman. She’s soft and submissive and she cooks and she cleans and all that shit, you know. It’s…keeping a woman in her place.” She says she would rather feel more empowered in a relationship, nothing that this “Asian fetish” has a strange sexual connotation. “It’s a fetish,” she emphasizes. “It’s what they get off to. It’s sexually intriguing, but in a perverted way.”

P*, a Caucasian male IT student, disagrees. Admittedly, he has “yellow fever” — When asked if he prefers dating Asian women over other races, his answer is “absolutely” — but he defends himself against the accusation of being “creepy”. He says, “That’s like your shirt accusing you for liking it because its blue, when there are many other good qualities about the shirt!”

In fact, he says, justifying his preference: “It’s mostly the kind of personality Asian girls have. And also I prefer petite builds…[Asian girls] are not submissive. They might come off as such because Asian guys they date are more used to being ‘more important’ in a relationship. But I guess I do like to dominate.”

J*, an Asian female politics student, agrees. “I don’t mind Asian fetish. If you have a preference, and girls are down, then go for it. ‘Cause I have a preference and I’m down.”

In fact, J embraces the trend. She says that she also prefers Caucasian men because “White guys who go for Asian girls like the Asian submissive, but in the end they’re not that controlling. Asian guys are more controlling.”

“Bring on the hot Asian fetish boys!” She exclaims. “There are enough of us to go around!”

M*, an Asian male business student, however, has another problem with so-called “Asian fetish.” “White men can get Asian girls, but unfortunately for us, Asian men can’t get white girls!” He complains. “When I was very young, I used to like white girls, but I could never get one because they didn’t like “Chinese” boys!” (M is Korean.)

He argues, however, that there’s something nice about the attention, even if he isn’t getting any personally. “I think that it’s great other races are interested in all things Asian.”

Andrea Syrtash, New York based relationship expert and author of book, He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s A Good Thing), says that interracial dating is something that’s “becoming more and more common.” However, she stresses that categorizing all Asian women into a general preference category, no matter what, may not be healthy. “I don’t think it’s good to be so hung up on a particular type,” she says. “You can’t say ‘all Asian women are submissive.’ It’s stereotyping in a very bad way.”

Syrtash stresses that it’s important to stay open in a relationship. “Sometimes we’re attracted to people we don’t expect. It doesn’t matter what someone looks like on paper — it’s more important to focus on how you feel around him or her and if you share values.”

However, she agrees that physical preference does come in to play. For example, she says, “I would never tell someone who to be attracted to.”

Syrtash did leave us with a few dating pointers for lonely NYU students who may or may not benefit from “yellow fever,” though, and here they are:

  1. Cast a wide net- dating is a numbers game. You need quantity to find quality.
  2. Don’t over think it! Dating should be fun. If you’re over thinking it, he/she may not be your match.
  3. Stay positive! For example, if you keep thinking no good guys are left, you will start to notice that and prove it to be true (you’ll find all the unavailable guys around you!) People are much more attracted to people who are positive.

So go forth and cast your net! And if you come up with all Asian fish, well, maybe it’s time to just swim with the flow.

*real names hidden to protect people who may or may not be embarrassed by their comments.
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  1. Ben says

    You know why a lot of white guys like asian women? Because they’re fat loser geeks who can’t get a white woman. So they make up all this bs to fool themselves and rationalize why they like asian women. “Oh, I’m really interested in the culture.” Yeah, right. LOSER.

    I don’t have a problem with asian women dating white guys. I’ve dated all sorts as well. What I have a problem with are asian women who ONLY date white guys. Those b*tches can f themselves.

  2. Andrew Li says

    I don’t think it’s necessarily “Yellow Fever,” but “White Fever.” Most of the af/wm relationships I see comprise an attractive Asian woman with an average or below average looking white guy. It seems these white guys are the ones who can’t get hot white women, so instead of settling for the homely white girls, they go for the hot Asian girls. The hot Asian girls they date, on the other hand, can easily get a hot Asian guy, but opt for the meager looking white guy. So it appears the Asian females are just attracted to anyone who is white, whereas the white guys are only settling on the Asian girls. I don’t think they have some sort of fetish, I just think they like hot girls like all of us guys. If anyone has a fetish, it is all of those Asian girls who are obsessed with tall men with Caucasian features and light-colored eyes — i.e. white guys.

  3. Betsy June says

    I know several white men who date asian girls who are bi/gay. Most of these white guy/oriental girl relationships are fraudulent or steeped in psychological issues on the males part and the guys are usually douche bags (“P*” sounds like an idiot just based on his few comments in the article.) My question is- what is so attractive about yellow skin, straw hair, and slanted eyes?

  4. Lestan Gregor says

    It’s rather simple. . .more or less. Asian women are selfish, in that meaning that although there’s plenty of other races out there to choose from (INCLUDING THEIR OWN) you will be hard pressed to find one with an African American male. Ofcourse you can find a free thinker like Kimora Lee every BLUE moon but for the most part the white male (hopefully only second to the asian male) is the choice of “preference.” Why is that? Furthermore, if you “can’t” recognise this disparity then you can’t truly be productive in aforum such as this. -The most destructive sect of the entire human race by far continues to reap rewards, even undeserved LOVE, and now asian women have offered themselves up to it joyouslly, blindly and willingly. WAKE THE F#@$ UP.

  5. Lestan Gregor says

    P.S. Andrew Li hit it on the freagin’ NOSE. It’s ASIAN “GIRLS” that have the White guy fucking fetish! And fuck everyone who doubts me!

  6. Jack Louis says

    What happened to this guy’s posting …

    “My fellow Asian girls here are “closet racists” to their own ethic group and they don’t even know it. It is one thing to have a preference, but it’s another thing to diminsh your own ethinic group’s male segment and to say you will not and never date them at all because of reasons x y z. And to go out publicly espousing such an already one-sided swing and disparagement to Asian men is very distasteful and builds an inferiority complex that already swarms pop culture in America today. What have your Azn brothers and famiy done u wrong for such disrespect. Bunch of insensitive people who don’t even know it. How does this make your dad or brothers feel? Sorry for my irateness. And this articles claims to be for entertainment, but this is NOT warranted and rational since it hurts the feelings and IMAGE of an entire gender of an ethnic group.

    Choose whoever u want to date, I don’t care because I believe that love should be color blind, but don’t go stepping on people who cared and supported u. Again a bunch of bananas who don’t even know they are ‘closet racists.'”

    “There is no justification for tolerating white males who see Asian women as (racialized) sexual conquests or commodities, or Asian women who are emboldened by the conditional acceptance of white men and use that perceived social leverage to attack and disparage Asian men.”

    Here, read an articulate logical argument:

  7. Matt Y says

    My 2 cents: I’m a very good looking white guy who never had problems with any race. I prefer Asian women because most are not sluts like most American women. Since I’m only 5’6” and 150lbs & most Asian women are small & petite, they just make a better fit for me. I’m not attracted to tall or big girls since most white women are both. As for the Asian women, I must say they are not submissive but they are also VERY giving if they love you BUT NEVER EVER under ANY circumstances cross an Asian women, they can be evil and vindictive. Were most white women just take it and move on.
    … and quite frankly, who cares. If youre happy and you don’t harm anyone. HAVE FUN!

  8. Paul Wall says

    Woah! I didn’t know this thing was sweeping the nation haha. I have what you call “yellow fever.” I certainly wouldn’t ONLY date an asian girl, but it IS what I look for. I think that ‘asian beauty’ is the most elegant, amazing type of beauty out there. I am currently learning Japanese, have always wanted to visit the country of Japan, and want to compete in Ninja Warrior — all that to say is, the asian girls are so beautiful, and come from a culture that is really awesome and has lots of traditions that are intriguing. What’s so wrong about that?

    –Paul W.

  9. Fanny V says

    No, you can’t say asian girls are selfish. It depends on the person. We can’t also say white girls are selfish. Anyone from any race can be egoist. Why asian girls pair up with white guys? Because they like each other. Why black guys rarely be together with asian girls? Because most black guys I know, want curvy and voluptuous girls. You know, most asian girls are petite, cute, and have different type of body. Most black guys consider girls with big boobs so they prefer black girls or white girls. Asian girls are not into black guys, not saying all black guys are dumb, but they are more into intellectual types. But that is true about asian girls and white fetish. Being raised in asian country, I like european guys a lot, even more than white americans. I like even more distinct face, unique, and cultured european man like from norway, or even eastern europeans where the countries are so beautiful. Once again, can’t blame loving different countries. Asian guys still can get asian girls though. Lately they are with latina girls. Asian guys are usually good providers. Not saying hispanic guys are all like that. But then again, hispanic guys in general, prefer girls with bodies who can speak Spanish too. I guess they are just not really attracted into asian girls.

  10. Steve Les says

    well Fanny I thought most asian girls are way too realistic. Well asian guys are NOT good providers, coz asian girls ask their boys for paying everything. I am a white girl currently dating asian guys and I can tell they actually do not want to be providers AT ALL! (But they are trying to be gentlemen and in their culture boys must pay.) For me I always pay for myself and tell my asian boy it’s okay :-)

  11. Sadie F. says

    Dear God. Where are people getting this “preference for the culture” and “inability to dominate in relationship with other race group” from? My best speculation from my observations was that Asian-to-Caucasian relationships are prevalent because of two things: more Asian girls involved in math/science and Asian guys’ disinterest for girls while they are in their studies. So what’s left for Asian girls are the white guys who have similar interests and are interested in dating at all.

    That is…if I’m allowed to assume these things:
    People date with people of commonalities like sharing hobbies and interests
    Majority of Asian girls are interested in academics more than parties
    Majority of Asian boys are disinterested in girls and more in academics
    At least a significant percentage of white boys interested in academics AND girls

  12. wilshirebruin says

    M*, an Asian male business student, however, has another problem with so-called “Asian fetish.” “White men can get Asian girls, but unfortunately for us, Asian men can’t get white girls!” He complains. “When I was very young, I used to like white girls, but I could never get one because they didn’t like “Chinese” boys!” (M is Korean.)

    It’s actually the other way around; most Asian males have no interest in white women. Can’t really blame them, since many whites, at least those in America, tend to be your typical fat, stupid, annoying American woman.