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/ February 4, 2011
Lupe Fiasco Gives Lackluster “Lasers” Show In Union Square [VIDEO]

Lupe Fiasco put on a “laser show” in Union Square after mysteriously tweeting the same morning, “union square, nyc. just look up in the sky. 7pm.” Some fans took the tweet to be an announcement of a concert or an appearance by Lupe himself but he later revealed that he was in Australia. This event had some attendees shouting, “we wish Kanye was here to put on a real surprise” and “this is just like that Drake show.”

At 7 pm, fans began to “look up in the sky” as Lupe told them to — but there was nothing to be seen. Ten minutes went by as fans started to fake Lupe sightings in the crowd. Then an ambulance pulled up to the curb and chaos erupted. Some fans thought Lupe was inside the ambulance and began to charge towards it. People slipped on the icy Union Square steps. Lupe then tweeted again:

All the fans left the ambulance and moved into the streets. Cars were blocked off immediately and another ambulance was temporarily unable to get through. On the side of the building that DSW Warehouse is in, an image was projected onto the building. It was Lupe’s Twitter icon, a QR code.

The QR Code flashed and played previews for what looked like a music video — with no sound. People began to walk away very quickly to say the least.

This event is an example of extreme marketing of the worst kind, purely promotional with no benefit to the artist’s fans. Just earlier that day, Lupe had released the tracklist to the album. Why couldn’t he have waited and projected that onto a Union Square wall? There was no real point in holding this event at all. Lupe probably pissed off more fans than he won over that night. As someone who walked away screamed: “I’m downloading this album for free. This was bullshit.”

Lupe Fiasco “Lasers” At Union Square from NYU Local on Vimeo.