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/ November 10, 2010
DatemySchool Tries To Help NYU Kids Get Columbia Ass And Vice Versa

Lord knows it can be hard to meet eligible studs and studettes in this city, especially when it’s senior year and you’ve come to the conclusion that everyone at NYU is undateable. Us NYU kids tired of Gallatin faux-intellectualism may want to start looking uptown for smarter brains to pick, and presumably, Columbia kids tired of extreme nerdiness may want to start looking downtown for some hotter ass.

Luckily, two French guys at Columbia have created to help out with this exchange.

The site, meant to “facilitate meeting of students from different departments within the same school and between different universities,” seems to currently be only available to NYU and Columbia, as well as a handful of schools in California. You can sign up only if you have email addresses from these schools, and you can choose which departments or schools you are invisible for, presumably to avoid being seen on the site by that kid in your sociology class.

DatemySchool is clearly modeled after OKCupid, the king of all hip young dating sites that everyone is secretly on, as many of the features (and much of the wording) are exactly the same. But DatemySchool’s interface is nowhere near as good as OKC’s, and it seems to lack its effective match system as well.

The idea isn’t a bad one, though. If there can be dating sites for Jews or Asians or hot women looking for sugar daddies, why not one for college students? The challenge, then, is to get enough people to join it for it to be useful. (Maybe the first step would be to get rid of these weird, gendered computer mice on the home screen. Just a tip.)