There’s A New Set of Twins on Campus

Forget Mary Kate and Ashley- NYU now has a new set of twin child-stars to call their own. Dylan and Cole Sprouse, of Disney Channel fame, have announced their plans to attend NYU in the fall via a post on a fan website (of course). The two seemed to actually go through a normal college search, which is pretty admirable.

Hello everybody!

Yes, it’s true, Cole and I will be attending NYU in the fall to start our college lives. Cole will be majoring in Film and Television Production and minoring in Drama and I will be majoring in Fine/Studio Arts and minoring in Economics.

We are both very excited about spending our college time in New York City. When we were looking at colleges we were only looking at schools in California or New York. Cole’s 2nd choice to NYU was Pepperdine University in CA and my 2nd choice was Otis College of Art and Design in CA. Cole chose NYU over Pepperdine because NYU has a better study abroad program, and I chose NYU over Otis College because NYU is a bigger school and will let me study more than just art.

Until we pack our bags for NYU, we’ll be finishing Suite Life On Deck and enjoying the summer.


The pair got their start acting in “Big Daddy”, both playing the role of orphan Julian. They’ve since moved on to star in “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and its sequel “Suite Life on Deck.” I’ve never seen either of these shows really so I asked a real life Sprouse brother fan (my best friend’s 10 year old sister Becky!) what she thought of the pair attending NYU. “I’m happy Zack and Cody will go to NYU because maybe I can see them around since I live in New York, and they can tell me all about being famous disney guys!!!” Can’t wait to see one of them throwing up outside of Asian Pub!

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  1. Emily Goldsmith says

    First of all I LOVE Dylan Sprouse!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i am soooo happy for them about going to college.

  2. reagan skinner says

    gonna miss the show that would have been good though suite life on campus so happy for the guys though u dudes rock

  3. Gelica says

    yeah they’re going to New York so excited going their on January next year hopefully I can see them I have notice that some celebrities are moving to New York as well like Daniel Radcliffe going to be a fun trip and NYU is were I always wanted to go to more years of high school and of to NYU this twins are such an inspirational

  4. Emily Krebs says

    Its good to see that they are going to go to college and have normal lives. I wonder if anybody will notice them or even think think that it is weird having the twin sprouse brothers at college. But dylan and cole, i wish you nothing but the best at college. Just remember no matter what anybody thinks or says you too are both charming, successful, brilliant young men.

  5. Jaikaee bibrook says

    I was a fan last year but now not to much in my school invited me to strip to the nyuniversity and I didn’t get to go so my friend call me and said “omgggg I saw cole sprouse in the trip” I was like freaked out and soo jealous

  6. Crystal Tatis says

    That is so awesome they are actually closer than ever now awesome that they are attending my dream school and Becky’s comment was just plain adorable

  7. Anthony Tosa says

    I actually saw both of them, I saw Dylan on the 4 train while I was on my way to work, and I saw cole inside the Starbucks that I work at, I actually rung him up. They seem pretty chill .