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/ May 4, 2010
“I Like Marijuana, You Like Marijuana:” Rosie and Ana Go Green

in which rosie and ana go green from NYU Local on Vimeo.

I bet you guys didn’t know there was a big legalize-marijuana march next to Washington Square Park on Saturday. That’s because there wasn’t one; instead, Ana and I showed up on the scene at the appointed time to find like five people standing around, wearing Birkenstocks.

Eventually, more people showed up and we watched an old man give speeches and cite dubious statistics from a big red platform. I got to sit on Weed Santa’s lap and snagged an “End the Prison State” sign, which is totally the best all-purpose protest sign ever. Unfortunately, no one there seemed to actually have weed. Because that would have totally helped once the “Marijuana, marijuana, hey hey hey, get high” song started.