The Cast of Jersey Shore Uses Chatroulette Update: It’s a Fake


Update: Well guys, it was a fake. You won this time, Internet.

My friend Katherine and I, planning on playing an open mic tonight, thought we’d make practicing more exciting by doing it while simultaneously navigating the treacherous waters of Chatroulette, the site that allows you to anonymously videochat with strangers. We suddenly came across four guido-looking guys dancing in a bedroom, so naturally we just laughed and said, “Are you guys from New Jersey?” Turns out they are New Jersey.



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  1. Andy Heriaud says

    Chatroulette is too terrifying for words. That said I’ve spent the last 20 minutes reading people the recipe for glazed root vegetables.

  2. josh Becker says

    I’m glad they all still hang out though.

    Also it’s fun to imagine Nicole He getting wasted and like giving Pauly D a handjob.

  3. says

    @Mike – no, I actually accidentally nexted them :(. They were too busy dancing and flexing (I’m serious). At some point DJ Pauly D lifted up his shirt and we were blinded by the orangeness.

  4. Katherine Pan says

    Nicole was too excited to google search them and stopped our video feed. Slightly more devastating than me accidentally nexting the luxembourg boy who looked like james franco.

  5. Mike Darling says

    I had the same exact thing happen to me. THe same exact scene (hotel room dancing around Vinnie peeking his head from side Paulie D lifting up shirt.) It is obvious that they went on once and someone just recorded them doing this and now they just loop it all day…