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/ February 3, 2010
Axe Cop: The Web Comic Written by a Five-Year-Old

comingsoonLooking for the latest and greatest thing on the world wide web? Look no further than the surprisingly interesting web comic, Axe Cop! He’s a cop…with an axe! And supposedly, he’ll chop your head off. He and his rag-tag group of strangely-powered sidekicks fight against the evil forces of enemies such as Pretzel Head, Telescope-Gun Cop, and of course, Stinko. If this sounds like something written by a five-year-old, it is. Just this December, Ethan Nicolle, a 29-year-old graphic novelist took to illustrating the imaginative, badass, and oftentimes random musings of his five-year-old brother, Malachai. The result is a twisting and turning madness of crimefighting awesomeness. “Sign up here, we have a gang of DINOSAURS to kill.”

Ethan’s only other major contribution to the world of graphic novels is Chumble Spuzz, and while I know there are a lot of you Chumble Spuzz fangirls out there, I’m going to say that the real draw to Axe Cop is the whimsical nature of the story. Ethan has described the process (which you can watch a video of with the most annoying music, here) as quizzing Malachai as to what happens in the story and then illustrating whatever he says, no matter how outlandish it may seem. This is perhaps why Axe Cop’s partner, Flute Cop, irrevocably mutates into Dinosaur Soldier, then Avocado Soldier, and most recently, Avocado-Unicorn Soldier. I’m waiting for guacamole soldier. Om nom nom.

It’s fortunate that Flute Cop was blessed with this ability to have his body mutilated in so many ways, because the enemies they fight are truly terrifying. Bad Santa, for instance, has all the powers of Christmas at his disposal, and plays a guitar that hurts people. It’s only through the power of teamwork that Axe Cop can defeat such evil, as one of his teammates, Sockarang (his arms are sock-like boomerangs), steals the power of Christmas from Bad Santa, and then becomes Good Bad Santa in order to defeat Bad Santa and his companion, Evil Flying Book, who turned out to be a robot. And here you thought Lost was confusing!

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